Post questions here about open and concealed carry, as well as general law questions.
 #1968  by Wynder
While open carrying, we're always out of Condition White -- it's our responsibility to be aware of our surroundings and appropriately protect our firearm. As such, obtaining a holster with a level of retention is a crucial part of the gear we should carry.

A personal recommendation, and a recommendation of others, is the Blackhawk Serpa CQC which offers an active retention mechanism that locks the firearm into place when it's inserted into the holster. It's easily drawn by using your natural draw grip to activate the platform level and release your weapon. The holster also comes with, in addition to the standard belt loop attachment, a paddle attachment for a closer position to the body.

If you have any other suggestions on holsters that use other forms of retention, please post your advice here; however, to those who are looking for holsters and intent to OC, DON'T rely on friction alone to keep your firearm secure!

Other recommended gear includes, of course, a decent gun belt. I wear my gun belt every day -- it's the dress belt from Concealed Carry Clothiers which is doubly reinforced leather. Wearing it almost everyday for the past half year, it shows absolutely no sign of wear or stretching. Your standard dress belt will generally sag or begin to sag after several weeks.

I often carry a high intensity flashlight that provides 66 lumens of illumination. This is great for low light situations or even getting the mail at night.

Since your magazine is a mechanical device that can fail, some members like to carry an extra magazine.

Less Than Lethal
Lastly, some folks like to carry another LTL (Less Than Lethal) item such as OC Spray or a knife on their weak side either as a non-lethal method of defending yourself.

Feel free to give tips, recommendations and explain what you carry and why for the benefit of others.
 #2009  by LordJim
There's not too much LTL about a knife, especially in trained hands. I think that statistically that knife wounds are considered more deadly than gunshot wounds.

 #2021  by dave_in_delaware
Yeah, I can't promise that my weak-side knife will be "Less than Lethal" if I use it on someone trying to relieve me of my firearm.
 #5186  by cappilot06
If this topic has already been covered elsewhere I apologize. Since I will hopefully have my CCDW within the week, I have a couple of questions for those of you who do carry concealed on occasion. What type of holster to you prefer for concealed carry? What type of holster would you recommend for summer vs winter carry. I still plan on OC'ing as much as possible, but as someone who has NEVER CC'd, I could use some suggestions.

 #5188  by Wynder
It may be different for you, seeing as I'm a big fella, but I prefer my good ol' SERPA OWB Holster. I don't like my Blackhawk Shoulder Holster (though, if you wanna buy it, let me know, heh) because, being a big guy, it creeps down and back, even with the belt stabilizers.

I've never tried it, but I recommend against, cross draw or small of back, simply because it would take longer to draw and you're sweeping more. Regardless of how you choose to carry, though, *always* carry and practice that way. If you switch the ways you carry, one day you may go for your OWB when you should be going for a cross-draw when those seconds count.
 #5189  by dave_in_delaware
I'll be writing a review on it eventually (once I start using it more often, and take some photos), but I prefer my Crossbreed Super Tuck (w/ adjustable cant) IWB holster for CC for my XD's. I've worn it around the house plenty of times, and even with sitting for hours at a time, I forget I'm wearing a gun. So, that'll be my method of concealed carry when I have my license.

Mark is an outstanding professional and has an awesome guarantee on his work. He makes holsters for more than the XD, too... Check his website out.

Heck, he lets you try it for a little while, and if you don't like it, send it back for a refund!
 #5190  by cappilot06
Thanks for the info guys!!
 #5193  by dave_in_delaware
If you want to check my Crossbreed out, just let me know. I can bring it to the next meeting (or meet you somewhere), and you can "keep" it for a week or so to test it out yourself (I don't need it yet). Mine is molded to the XD, but your firearm may fit half-decently, too, just for testing purposes.....
 #5197  by cappilot06
Hey Dave,
Awesome! I'll try to meet up with you sometime after my permit comes (hopefully by mid-next week) and then see how it feels. If I could pick it up from you by say next Thurs., I could then drop it back off to you on the evening of the 25th for our Sept group get-together. Will let you know when I have my permit in hand.

Thank you again for that offer!
 #5199  by dave_in_delaware
Not a problem. I figured I'd offer it out for a test drive since I'm not using it right now.

You could pick it up (or I could drop it off) sooner than your permit, as you can test it at home NOW.... Then you'd have two weeks w/ it before the 25th...

PM sent!