Post questions here about open and concealed carry, as well as general law questions.
 #32210  by WPCatfish
Thinking about trying my hand at open carry, but not quite sure on equipment. I don't currently have a tactical holster, and I'm actually more confident in my 1873 SAA Clone than my in my 92. Was thinking my crossdraw would be a good holster, allows me to keep the butt end more in front of me, if you will than at my side or behind me where some fool could try to play at 'taking' it off of me. I do realize that my SASS Belt, with the 25 rounds of extra ammo is a little conspicuous.

Thoughts on my idea for a carry holster (for now at least)?
 #32212  by Amy Blackthorn
Sorry, WP Catfish, I'm new here too, so I won't be of much help.

I have a "female paddle" holster with thumb retention "somewhere". It seems our "box of holsters" has been 'put somewhere safe'. I have a small 'key slide' for my Sig P239. I'll tell you what though, it is so freaking tight that while doing weapon retention drills, my husband coud NOT pull it out of the holster from me.

While I had it out and pointed down range in half a blink.

While every one makes a big deal about retention (and rightly so) I'm happy with this one until I find my 'other' holster.

I wouldn't mind looking though.
 #42723  by SCUBA9097
opencarryman wrote:Can the Gun be loaded and a round in the chamber while you open carry.
It sure can. Remember, an unloaded firearm is a hammer.
 #42725  by Condition1
SCUBA9097 wrote:
opencarryman wrote:Can the Gun be loaded and a round in the chamber while you open carry.
It sure can. Remember, an unloaded firearm is a hammer.
What he said!!!
 #42726  by SCUBA9097
opencarryman wrote:I am hearing you need a certain kind of holster to Open Carry is that true.
You can't use anything that could be construed as "hiding" the firearm, such as an "in the waistband". The firearm must remain "in plain sight" at all times.
 #57408  by bluedog46
I have seen some combo type holsters that have room for a magazine and a flashlight. I was wondering if any of them are out there that have a magazine/pepper spray combo?
 #57478  by BrianE85
When buying a jacket with a side slit in it for OC purposes, be careful. Make sure toy get a good one. I've been issued several jackets like this for my job, which requires me
to carry, and most of them have snaps that come undone very easily. The side flaps on the jacket then cover you holster ad you are then concealing your weapon. So
Make sure you get a jacket that is secure an won't come undone and accidentally cover your weapon.
 #57479  by jslacker
What brand(s) have you been issued by your company, and what can you say about their quality?
 #57482  by BrianE85
My current one is from Spiewak, and as far as a jacket goes it does ok. Births straps to hold the flaps in either side of the gun slit are made of some cheap Velcro and I would t trust them to hold under normal wear (rummaging in pockets,etc)

Don't remember the other brand.
 #57499  by jslacker
Gotcha, I recently came into possession of a Spiewak branded jacket my self (thanks Ted ;) ) and it looks like its going to work out just, fine the snaps hold securely, albeit a little hard to get snapped initially but once you do those suckers hold. Also, the jacket itself is super warm.