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 #101345  by myopicvisionary
I have a ton of .38 Special brass on hand. Anyone in need of it?
 #101381  by brich2929
 #101390  by myopicvisionary
Sorry, phlydude already slated for it. But as I gather more I will post it.
 #102126  by myopicvisionary
I have a bunch of 7.62x39mm and 7mm Remington magnum.
 #102493  by flaminyon
If no one has laid claim I would be interested if the 7.62x39mm and 7mm brass is still available.
 #102495  by SasquatchAF
Id love to get as much 7.62x39 as possible! I have someone in my family with a Mini-30 that wont eat steel case stuff since most of the primers are set deeper than brass so it gets light primer hits almost every time with steel.

How much do you have?
 #102589  by myopicvisionary
Brass has been earmarked. As I clear more out I will post it.