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 #103272  by Mirlen
Any thoughts on LoadData.com?
 #103274  by Owen
Mirlen wrote:Any thoughts on LoadData.com?
I've looked there before. I always vet my load data with a few sources: paper, online, old timers.
 #103275  by myopicvisionary
The Hornady loading manual sits on my bench.
 #103277  by Owen
myopicvisionary wrote:The Hornady loading manual sits on my bench.
Lyman here but I'm sure I could use more! :D

There's also an application I haven't used called QuickLOAD/QuickTarget that a lot of wildcaters use:

It ain't cheap but it is similar to what a ballistic engineer would use. A review:
http://www.accurateshooter.com/gear-rev ... ad-review/
 #103286  by stephpd
I like hard copies. Lyman is my go to book. I have other books but don't use them as much.

For powder specific the companies have their own load data online. Hodgdon, IMR and Winchester here;