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 #103825  by astro_wanabe
Thanks for the link. Cheap price for the convenience, especially compared to how laborious it is for me to write legibly on anything!
 #103831  by myopicvisionary
Not that I am going to buy, but I will steal an idea for my own use!
 #103832  by whatevah
I use a label maker for my ammo cans. Quite a bit cheaper than those magnets and a lot easier to read in my dim basement.
 #103839  by stephpd
Guess I'm not very creative. I just use a magic marker.

Lately it seems used ammo cans are rare. My last ones were brand new and cost about the same if not less then the used ones.
http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx? ... +AMMO+CANS
 #103841  by radnor
Masking tape and a magic marker for me.

If purchased ammo, the date purchased in addition to whats inside.
If reloads, date I made them.
 #103865  by flaminyon
I used to use the label tape, but recently switched over to spray painting. A coat of rustolem from Home Depot works really well. Keeps the can happy too.

I downloaded a stencil font for Windows, made a few stencils in Word, and cut them out with a utility knife. Cheap, easy, effective.
 #103887  by Owen
I just line them up in caliber order left to right - smallest to largest. I guess I'm really cheap. :lol: