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 #92136  by wpage
Any tips for Krag 30-40...

Getting difficult to find any deals on ammo.
 #92151  by DragonJames
When ammo starts getting hard to find, the best option is usually to begin reloading yourself.

I have a 11x60mm mauser that I have to buy special made brass and reload myself (once I set up my reloading operarion) "obsolete cartridge" as they say, sounds like 30-40k is going the same way?

Im sure others may be able to offer more info on availability
 #92162  by myopicvisionary
Graf & Sons or MidwayUSA usually has brass. It is a little pricey but not outrageous. Check out the Krag Collector's Assn. for more info.
 #92163  by wpage
Thanks for the tips...
 #92174  by viper98
I can get you 30-40 krag ammo if you need some..should be under 30 per box....