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 #93053  by DragonJames
So I've been pouring over topics on MDShooters and the like for the past few hours and all I keep finding is info on transfer of "regulated" firearms. I'm looking to purchase a 45-70 henry bigboy as a 50th birthday/christmas gift (we're both cursed with the dreaded christmas week birthday :grin: ) for my father, unfortunately he lives in MD so the laws are foggy to me as how I would go about gifting the rifle to him, as I said every thing I find is either about handguns or evil black rifles.

Does anyone have some insight as to what's involved there? Do I need a MD FFL to give it to him or can I simply stick it under the tree and let him take it home?
 #93076  by DragonJames
Well I could have hoped for better but I was afraid that was the only route....perhaps I should get him a house in DE instead first 8-)

Thanks guys,