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 #93861  by phlydude
Went to the range today taking out the 22LR rifles and do a little handgun work...decided to take out the AR as well and figured I accumulated enough ammo, I can shoot some. Besides, I am set to reload my own now so as long as I can collect my brass, I am good

Well, when I showed up and hit the 50 yard range, glimmer of brass caught my eye...someone had shot up some .223 and 5.56 and left their brass all over the place. I scooped up a nice batch of once fired PPU (primer crimp is still there - I assume a reloader wouldn't re-crimp the primer) and PMC .223 brass. Along with what I shot today, I must have just dropped 250+ cases in the tumbler tonight.

Keep your eyes open...people just leave money on the ground!

I would have scrounged pistol brass but there were just too many people on the line.

I got back my Blazer brass from the 9mm I shot plus a couple - I didn't want to push it given they newbs pulled out a AK on the 15 yard line and was all over the place target-wise.