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 #104488  by Owen
Haven't posted my results in awhile.

I ended up increasing to the factory load with the A-Max - 9.9 gr of H110 because of some FTF issues. I also put in my ST-T2 buffer. Shoots very nice.

Built up a load with the Hornady 225 gt BTHP .308 bullet. I think it has promise as a keeper.

I have found now that the issues I have are just in reformed brass and my QC after assembly. I need to make sure to case gauge check them all. But only had one round get stuck in the chamber due to slightly bulged base.

Still having fun with this stuff! :pbjtime:
 #105484  by Owen
I found a good cheap source for 203gr 30 cal polymer coated lead bullets:

They use the same load data as the Hornady A-Max 208gr bullet.

Shoot nice and clean.