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 #102988  by ptlion
I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts, tips or advice on this one. Typically when I shoot, I shoot about 100 rounds. I also clean my fun after each time I shoot (I'm guessing this isn't overkill). I was at Targetmaster today shooting (I think I love that range!!) and after 100 rounds, I opened a new box of ammo (I'm using Remington 9mm Luger 115 gram). When I started firing, I kept getting misfires. When I eject the round, the firing pin did leave a dent on the primer but didn't fire. It happened intermittently, but enough to be frustrating. Not knowing the cause, I packed up and left. Note: with each misfire, I waited to ensure there wasn't going to be a delayed fire before ejecting and put the round in the "Misfire" box on the range. I would like to assume that these were just dud rounds or something and not an issue with my gun. Everything seemed fine when I cleaned the gun. Any thoughts on what I experienced? :banghead:
 #102996  by astro_wanabe
Was it ONLY that new box? Never an issue with this before, either with this gun or this band of ammo? Roughly how many rounds out of the box did you have misfires on? Did you buy it from Targetmaster, and if so did you mention anything to the staff? How used is the gun (1K rounds through it, or 100K)?

Could've just been a bad box, Remington UMC is known for cheapness, not consistency (although I've rarely if ever had a misfire like you describe from them). If you bought it there the RO might have noticed others having similar issues with other boxes from the same lot. If you didn't buy it there it might have been how your stored it, such as if it got contaminated with oils or chemicals spilled on it. Could also be just excessively light primer strikes, either due to wear and tear or a bit of gunk in a critical area you missed. I don't feel qualfied to diagnose it myself, but there's a range of things that could be contributing. You might just try a different box and see if the problem persists.
 #103005  by brich2929
hat kind of gun do you have?

how detailed do you get when you clean it?
 #103006  by myopicvisionary
Probably bad ammo, contact the manufacturer.
 #103009  by NCC
myopicvisionary wrote:Probably bad ammo, contact the manufacturer.
Agreed. Give them the lot # from the box.
 #103010  by ptlion
gun is a S&W SDVE 9mm. I may have put a total of about 700 rounds through it total. I am pretty anal about cleaning so I'd like to think I'm very detailed with getting it clean. I had a total of 5 misfires. I'm pretty confident that it's the ammo. I bought it from Cabelas and this is only the third time I've used this type of ammo. I was using Winchester previously but it was quite a bit dirtier.
 #103012  by NCC
ptlion wrote: I was using Winchester previously but it was quite a bit dirtier.
FWIW I have a Beretta Nano as a BUG that gets FTFs on the Federal sold by Walmart. Eats everything else just fine though.

Doctor, it hurts when I do this...

Then don't do that!

 #104371  by TexasJay
More than likely the ammo. As a member at Targetmaster I'm there quite a bit. I've bought the Remington UMC junk from them and found rounds that have primers inserted the wrong way, and cartridges whose cases are warped. Contact the manufacturer.
 #104374  by viper98
probably hard primers....try different ammo and advise....Not the first time I've heard of that...
 #104425  by sethinde
If it keeps happening with other types of ammo, it could possibly be due to a dirty striker channel. You should try not to get any lubricants where the striker comes out. I known someone who had this happen.