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 #105276  by Red Alert
Thanks Jerry and Dave...
 #105279  by Red Alert
Well, been looking around and checking out reviews and info. One thing I've decided was to get either a 9mm or .380. A .40 in the frame gun I want doesn't seem like it would be something I'm looking for @ the moment.

Like I stated, I already have a full frame .40 and love it. But it's by no means a CC pistol.

I am really liking the XDs 9 and the Sig P290. Kind of on the fence with the Walther CCP.

Anyone have or shot the Sig P290 or Walther CCP? Dave has the XDs9. Haven't really seen a .380 that I like yet...
 #105281  by Owen
I shot a friends P290 (9mm). The trigger pull and the reset are long it was smooth. The pistol is a bit too small for me, even with my smallish hands. I think they make an extended mag which would help.
 #105294  by Red Alert
I stopped at Xring lastnight. Man they are good people. I held a few pistols. Thinking the .380 is too small for my hands. I held the Sig 290 in two tone. Felt great in my hand but a bit heavy for what I was looking for. I was trying to stay around 19-20 oz for CC. My .40 is 28 oz loaded. Love the gun it's just to big to cc. I held the M&P Shield 9mm. It felt the best. The others I tried was the Kahr 9, Kel tech, SR9c, and a glock. I just don't like glocks. I don't like how they look and certainly didn't like how it felt in my hand. The guy did try to sway me to a .45 glock or XD. Not sure what he didn't understand. Im looking at weight here. I thought I held the Shield before I purchase the LC9s. But it really seemed like it was calling me yesterday...
 #105296  by dave_in_delaware
Did you get to handle an XD while you were there?
 #105297  by Red Alert
I did Dave but it was a .45. He told me the 9 would be the same. Is that correct? I can't see that...
 #105323  by dave_in_delaware
You could go to SA's website. They list every gun's specs. I don't remember all the info off the top of my head.
 #105324  by 5TH GENERATION
Shield and XDS are great for conceal carry. I love them both. Also, carried Beretta PX4 SC 9mm for years. Little wider and heavier but loved it also.
 #105325  by NCC
Red Alert wrote:I did Dave but it was a .45. He told me the 9 would be the same. Is that correct? I can't see that...
I would think if nothing else the .45 is heavier. Maybe same dimensions though, you'll have to check.

I have tried a lot of guns for CC in my quest for the ultimate lightweight CC. I keep going back to the 1911 with a .380 or .38 snub nose for a BUG. Here is one I have with a Lasermax installed. Just make sure it will eat the ammo you want to use.

I also have a Gen1 of these from the 90's, all tricked out though. You either love'em or you hate'em. I did NOT like their PF9 though.