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I've seen similar tests done to bullet proof vests. If the bullets had knock down power they would knock you off your feet every time you use them. Basic physics. Equal and opposite reaction.

The safety course I took at Target Master showed quite a few examples of the lack of knock down power of a bullet wound. Folks shot multiple times and continue walking. Guy blow his brains out fell straight down. Except for a direct hit to the brain, spinal cord or destroying a vital organ like the heart they just don't go down by the force of the bullet. They might drop but never get blown back from the bullet. Or they fall down because that's what they have seen in the movies.
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Do you think that the .45 is that much better for self-defense than a 9mm? I've personally believed the 9mm to be actually better than a .45, because of velocity, penetration, and force of impact. I know the .45 is a bigger bullet and makes bigger holes, but does it do a better job being slower, less penetration with less force of impact?

p.s. I am not being biased towards the 9mm because I own, I am also considering a .45.
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Modern ballistics have definetaly narrowed the difference between 9mm and .45. Nathan provides gives a nice little backround on their difference in the last century at this link. I hope there is no problem posting it, if so I apologize in advance. ... IC_ID=4121
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if the bullet had enough power to knock you down, it would also knock don the man firing it
:pointlaugh: .577 Trex?


Yeah I know, they just suck at compensating, Wish i could find the vid of the guy that does it right, but o well
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Correct James, the Myth Busters proved this one of their shows. Rifles, pistols and shotguns were not sufficient to knock someone down, except in the movies. Some people watch too much TV or too many movies.
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This would be a great update to the Thread topic because it references and updates the info a little bit.

This is a pretty informative video, from an Anesthesiologist on gun wounds. I

It is a bit long, a bit dry/technical at points and not the best quality but it does show some very important facts, especially within the first few minutes on guns, wounds, fatalities, etc.