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 #65100  by bluedog46
Hi all,

I had seen some of these and was wondering if anyone has used them and any thought? I know 30 round seem to be the most popular and thought I would ask.
 #65102  by Mirlen
Surefire has I think 50 and 100 rd magazines. Haven't read up on them yet. I'll be going with PMAGs myself (30 rd)
 #65108  by jslacker
I haven't seen the 40 rounders, and I think the surefire is a 60 round and not 50. Id like a 100 rd beta mag myself if they weren't so spendy.

Of course if I had one of those I'd have to buy a pistol ar, would be like the patriot in MGS. :lol:
 #65174  by myopicvisionary
Stick with 30 round Magpul PMags and you will be happy!
 #65179  by y0rlik
I think most of the ultra-high capacity drum mags, etc. are just gimmicks. They are too big, too heavy, and too expensive to be of any practical use. (For the price of one 100 rd beta mag I can buy 15 30 rd Pmags or a few more GI mags). I'll stick with the standard sizes, thank you.
 #65214  by myopicvisionary
Betas have been plagued with problems.