Paddle holsters, belt holsters, shoulder holsters, magazine pouches, belts, concealed clothing -- discuss here.
 #104791  by pick_six
Just crossed in the Glock side, my first. And looking to see what you folks are using to carry your 19, or similar size glocks

Open/visible carry?


Commercial options, or reasonable custom/semi custom.

I picked up a cheap uncle Mike's tactical for starters. Feels a little off, but similar works pretty well on a different pistol, so I thought I'd try it.

Appreciate any feedback.
 #104792  by Surface Dragon
I use a Blackhawk SERPA holster for the 19 but I'm thinking about getting a Safariland.

The SERPA works well and it hasn't caused any "accidents" yet.

Seriously I'm more worried about getting my shirt stuck in my holster while re-holstering than my index finger making its way past the trigger guard while drawing. Just keep your index finger straight while drawing and you won't cause any unnecessary holes in anything, simple.

It has caused some cosmetic wear on the 19 to both the slide and frame in a few different places. The wear could be from sand getting in between the firearm and the holster so this could happen with any holster.

I'll do my best to describe the wear. On the frame there is a wear mark on the left side on the trigger guard from the retention nub in the holster. The right side of the frame is scuffed up near the trigger pin and locking block pin as well as some in front of the take down lever. While the wear on the frame isn't very noticeable and doesn't affect functionality it kind of irks me. Now the wear on the slide is much more noticeable but I kind of expected it to be worse with all the dry fire practice and everyday carrying that I do. The slide is getting bright corners on the front with the right corner being more pronounced than the left. There are scratches on both sides of the slide and a few bright spots. The bright spots are on both sides near the top right in front of the ejection port and one on the right side near the bottom below the other bright spot. The bright spot that bothers me the most is a kind of crescent moon shaped one between where it says 9x19 and the slide stop lever. The crescent moon spot happened the first time I OCed which happened to be on a 4 day backpacking trip in CA and was caused by the 19 wiggling around in the holster. I had to contact Blackhawk about the wiggle problem and they sent me an updated finger spring plastic part for free to replace the one in my holster which fixed the wiggle problem. Oh and before I upgraded to Trijicon night sights(Glock factory night sights are also good and only cost about $60 if you send your slide to Glock HQ to have them installed) which was one of the first upgrades I did the stock plastic front sight had rounded corners and was almost made useless by holster wear.

I also use a cheap nylon Blackhawk holster with about 2 feet of 550 cord put through the top part of the holster. I use this setup to tie my holster to the passenger seatbelt while driving. While this may not be the safest thing to do it also works surprisingly well as an IWB appendix setup where you unclip the clasp then use the 550 cord to tie the holster to your belt buckle. I have been meaning to replace this holster with something better/safer but I keep putting it off because it seems to work for me.

I've also been meaning to get a new mag holster because the one I have is way too bulky. I'm looking at a Safariland double mag holster that costs about $30. But what I've been using instead of a mag holster is some mag sleeves that I made using the clear plastic from Glock's mag packaging cut and melted strategically to perfectly fit a mag then wrapped in gorilla tape. I made 2 different sleeves. One is a full length sleeve for pocket carry and the other only covers about 1/3 of the mag so I can stick a mag between my belt and pants in the 8 o'clock position. I know my setup is ghetto but it works well. And I made the mag sleeves because one day I pulled a mag out of a pocket that I thought had nothing but a mag in it and found a dime stuck in my mag right in front of the bullet that no doubt would have caused catastrophic failure in my 19.

I am also interested in what others have to say in this thread because I too am looking for holster options that work well with the 19.
 #104793  by soundman2345
Blackhawk Serpa for OC, N82 Pro for CC.
 #104796  by 08///M3Saloon
When it comes to OC I can't recommend anything besides one of Safariland's ALS or GLS holsters. They are open top, yet maintain active retention either with an ejection port lock or trigger guard lock. Both are highly intuitive and secure. I don't think you'll go wrong with either.
For CC it really depends on a few factors. Do you want to carry OWB, or IWB? Are you partial to leather or kydex? What position on your body do you want to carry? And what is your body type? How do you usually dress. With those questions answered I can help steer you towards a good CC holster.
Same applies for a mag carrier.
 #104799  by Owen
+1 for the Safariland ALS. I think the thumb operated release is easy to operate and the side it smooth with no areas to hangup. It does cover almost to the rear sight so may not be compatible if you use a red dot on your pistol.

This is close to one I have: ... B005BNI6DE
 #104801  by HoBoJoe
Safariland ALS for OWB, theis for IWB, DSG alpha for light attachment, and the glock sport holster.

My preferred carry method is OWB with the Safariland ALS. I'd like to get another DSG alpha without the light attachment for another carry method.
 #104804  by astro_wanabe
Having a light attached to my Glock 19 drastically restricts the options available for holsters. Many manufacturers don't even make light-bearing holsters, and the ones that do typically don't make as many models as they do for non-light-bearing handguns. I use a Safariland 7TS holster with ALS and ALS Guard mechanisms for OC (typically with belt loop attachment, though I have the paddle attachment too). Hybrid leather / kydex holster from for CC.
 #104806  by Kuntryboy816
For CC, I picked up 2 holsters (MP40 and Shield) from Alien Gear ( and I absolutely love them. They are leather/kydex combo, they use a thicker mil kydex than most companies do, they are adjustable for cant and ride height... and the best part, you can tuck in your shirt around the holster if you're dressed up or just like tucking in your shirt. It took about a week for the leather to wear in and shape up but they are comfortable! Also you can't beat 2 quality holsters for $60ish and they have a 30 day trial period, lifetime warranty on parts breakage and will replace the Kydex shell if you happen to switch to another carry pistol. Also the warranties follow the holster and are not limited to the original purchaser. I have the Cloak Tuck but they have the Cloak 2.0 where they add a layer of neoprene. I'm allergic to neoprene. :?
 #104807  by Owen
Safariland's website has a tool to fuss out the part numbers. Once you have that you can google away! :pbjtime:

Safariland P226
6378-77-411 - no light
6378-7742-411 - with light

Glock 19
6378-283-411 - no light
6378-832-411 - with light

@Astro - I am getting one of those ALS guards. Thanks for that info!