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 #106439  by dave_in_delaware
I was wondering if anyone owns one of these backpacks? What's the quality like? Durability?

I'm considering purchasing one of these, especially since they seem to be on sale at the moment.

Smaller bag (17" x 9" x 9" for $24.99): ... 1078748636

Larger bag (20" x 12.5" x 6" plus additional pocket for $39.99): ... g-backpack

I'm thinking at these prices it might be worth checking them out anyway. But I wanted to find out if anyone here has any first-hand experience.
 #106441  by Kuntryboy816
I tried to order the same bag from a Facebook ad similar to that last year. Paid through Paypal, receipt from company, one email about backordrred, weeks upon weeks of waiting, final email to company, no reply, PayPal dispute made, finally got a refund. Needless to say I'm a bit leary of it although I see that ad regularly on Facebook... once bitten, twice shy I guess.
 #106442  by dave_in_delaware
Hmmm. That scares me, because Facebook is where I saw this ad originally. :?

I've recently seen it posted in my FB newsfeed, and many people have said the same two things:

1. it was smaller than they expected
2. zippers are crap

Perhaps I'll re-think my potential future purchase....
Sodbuster wrote:Haven't tried those, but in the same price range is a surplus ALICE backpack. American made with an aluminum frame.
Thanks for that. I'll check that out.
 #106451  by Owen
I believe that there is a new military surplus store in Middletown DE if you are ever down that way. I drove by once but didn't get the name. Anyone else here know it?