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 #106628  by dave_in_delaware
My friend has a 44 mag that he inherited, but the grip is too small for his hand so he can't really shoot comfortably.

I know Pearce makes an extension for semi-autos which replaces the base plate of the magazine. I have these for my XD sub-compact and love them....

Is there a company or product that extends the grip length of a revolver like the 44 mag?
 #106631  by Sodbuster
I replaced the factory wooden grips on my S&W 629 with a set of Pachmayr decelerators. Made a world of difference.
 #106633  by dave_in_delaware
Thanks for the suggestions!

Do these actually extend the grip length? Basically his pinky finger currently has nothing to hold onto, and with a 44 mag he's wanting a full hand gripping surface.
 #106638  by Kuntryboy816
If the grip that Sodbuster is referring to is the same that is on his .44 that he let me shoot, then it's pretty nice and very comfortable. I had no problem wrapping my ginormous bear paws around it.