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 #108012  by Jhight29
Cane anyone help me. im trying to find a nice rentention holster for OC for a 1911 with a 3.5 inch barrel. Everything i come accross is for 5". Thanks.
 #108014  by dave_in_delaware
I've never used this "app" but this "Holster Hunter" is thanks to my local gun store's website, but it should give you an idea on what's available. You just enter your manufacturer, model/barrel size, and if it has any accessories. Click "Find my holster" and it should then give you a list. Granted, it's probably only a list of what that store carries, but maybe it'll give you a starting point. ... intro.aspx
 #108015  by Jhight29
I just tried it and they didn't even have my brand gun hahaha !! I just ordered a blade tech eclipse owb holster off amazon for $50. So I guess I will see what happens haha
 #108016  by dave_in_delaware
Oh, sorry. Never used that thing, just knew about it.

Good luck with your new holster.