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 #100050  by cmath
Just picked up an "operators" 5.11 tactical belt from dicks sporting goods the other day, and I gotta say its simply amazing! A decent price at $39.00, couldn't say no to it. I had been searching for a sturdy, well priced belt to use with Blackhawk serpa OC holster for my 1911. Normal belts didn't cut it, causing the belt to stretch, sag, and be uncomfortable. So I picked up the 5.11 belt and man is it nice! Fits Very well, and fits most of my shorts/pants well, being 1-3/4 inches thick. Wanted to share with everyone, figured someone else might be in the same situation I was in and didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on a belt.
 #100069  by jslacker
+1 on the 5.11 operators belt, I've had mine for almost a year now IIRC and it has lasted nicely. all sag eliminated and I don't ruin my nicer dress belts anymore!
 #100073  by cmath
Did you notice any stretching in the belt over time? Reason I ask is because I am between sizes and went with the larger size. It fits well as of now with a little more adjustment left. But as I wear it more, I'm wondering If it'll stretch too much..?
 #100337  by Dugan
I just bought the double duty training belt, has the plastic buckle. (Security checkpoint at work)

Its great, I put the buckle to the side between the side loops, and i dont even realize its on. Its not tight to the point of cutting of circulation or digging in and it holds up my pants and firearm with ease. Def shouldnt have waited this long.
 #112188  by Daniel44114
As long as you are comfortable carrying your guns and they feel secure, your good to go. I personally got tired of wally world belts so I tried a 1.5" 5.11 Tactical/Trainer belt. I had a promo code for the NRA store so I took a leap and I am very happy I did. I got it for under 30 bucks shipped and I has made all the difference in the world. 5.11 Tactical/Trainer Belt is 29.99, but with the MC39 Promo code, it took 8.99 off, and shipping was about 8 so it worked out good.
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