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Not gun related but.....
Bad enough the girl was molested by grandfather but this puke had to take it further.:

http://www.delawareonline.com/apps/pbcs ... /809120361

DOVER -- As family members and friends wept, Jason A. Stalnaker was sentenced Thursday to 17 years in prison for sexual abuse of a 15-year-old girl that originally prompted 295 charges against him.

In handing out the prison term, Superior Court Judge Robert B. Young expressed disgust at the duration and frequency of the abuse and the manipulation employed by Stalnaker in luring the child into a sexual relationship. After arresting the defendant in January, officers said the former teacher at Dover's Capitol Baptist School had targeted the child because she had been molested by her grandfather at age 7 and "appeared to be weak."

"From my review of this case," Young said, "this really has been about as despicable behavior as can be imagined."

The victim was 21 by the time she went to police officers in December, making allegations that led to charges that included first-degree rape and continuous sexual abuse of a child. She told the judge Thursday that she lost her innocence at Stalnaker's first touch and that she accepted his apology as the beginning of an effort to rid herself of its ill effects.

"I don't like to be touched, not even hugged," she said. "I live in fear every day that he will kill me and my family if he's ever free again."

Stalnaker, 33, of Harrington, pleaded guilty to a single count of second-degree rape and two counts of fourth-degree rape. On the first count, Young noted that he was ignoring sentencing guidelines and imposed a 15-year prison term, including 10 years that must be served before release is considered, and two years of work release.

He sentenced Stalnaker to one year in prison on each of the other two counts and imposed a total of four years of probation.

For his part, Stalnaker attributed the incident to the all-encompassing nature of Capitol Baptist School.

He begged for forgiveness from the victim, his children and his ex-wife, who divorced him in 2005 after a two-year separation prompted by his acknowledgement of his relationship with the teen.

"The situation was unique because of the community we were in," Stalnaker said. "It was emotional before it was anything, and I apologize for it. I took my own emotions and I did not treat them right, and that's what I apologize for."

The defendant's father, Jerry Stalnaker, appealed to Young for mercy, saying his son had held as many as three jobs at a time to support his family.

"He was a blessing, a good student, worked hard, perfect by no means," Jerry Stalnaker said. "He is my oldest son. He means a lot to me. I'm asking on your behalf for mercy."

According to court documents, Stalnaker worked first as a teacher at the school, then as a bus driver and tutor.

The victim told an investigator that the abuse began in May 2002 while she was a student at the school, noting that Stalnaker had posted his desk at the back of his classroom and all the students' desks faced the other way.

Investigators reported that Stalnaker would call the girl to his desk and fondle her almost every day.

Each Sunday, he would pick her up at her home, and using the Sunday school bus, drive her to McDonald's on U.S. 13, where they would go to the rear of the bus and engage in sex acts.

Stalnaker's attorney, Thomas Donovan, said the sexual relationship grew out of an emotional attachment between Stalnaker and his student.

Deputy Attorney General Susan Schmidhauser said, though, that Stalnaker had no real regard for the victim, noting that he was brazen enough to molest her in front of his own children.

"He was her teacher, he was her coach, and, most importantly, he was the adult," Schmidhauser said.

She said the abuse didn't stop until the teen and her family moved to Mississippi in July 2003.
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Just read all the comments and it seems the rapist is allowed to have internet service and can't keep his mouth shut.

First time I've ever seen where both the perpetrator and victim are posting in the News Journal.

Bastard still thinks it's her fault and he has no responsibility for his action.

Really sick!