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 #111188  by Kuntryboy816
I am pretty proud to have been a part of this yesterday. Paul is a friend of mine and he is doing some great work in opposition to these anti-2A politicians and their attempts to disarm and vilify the law-abiding citizens of Delaware. It was very encouraging to see others, even the politician speakers, come out and gather in the cold and the rain to support our rights! We had David Andrson, Donyale Hall, Gene Truono, Dave Lawson and another Rep Senate candidate of whom I can't recall his name) all come out in support.

Here are a couple links to news coverage of yesterday's events. I'm the guy holding the large American Flag but luckily they saved their camera equipment by not directly focusing on my face! :lol:

http://www.wboc.com/clip/14286993/secon ... egislation

http://www.delaware1059.com/news/video- ... e1ce5.html