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 #112311  by California_Exile
Super-secret listening session to talk gun control (but one that is totally going to listen to the views of all us Second Amendment nutjobs, promise) is shocked, SHOCKED, to discover that making acquisition of firearms more difficult leads people who aren't all that interested in crossing all the t's and dotting all the i's to work around the restrictions. Quick, ban the AR-15.

https://www.delawareonline.com/story/ne ... 420999002/
One gun is linked to multiple shootings, and in some cases, homicides.

But the crimes are committed by different people.

That's the difficult situation state prosecutors and law enforcement is facing as one "community gun" is passed among people – sometimes affiliated, sometimes not – to aid them in committing crimes and protecting themselves.

Though state prosecutors and local police say it isn't a new trend, the information from defense attorney Eugene Mauer stunned attendees at the Delaware Gun Violence Forum on Thursday, who gathered to talk about gun issues facing the state.

"They'll buy a gun and they'll keep it in a certain location," he said. "I'm now having cases where one gun is attached to five, six, seven, eight different shootings. So that's becoming popular now so now you don't need as many guns if you get the one good firearm."
 #112312  by NCC
Criminals not following the law? That's just crazy talk!

But upon reflection, this could be a new business model... Kind of like a WeWork for guns... That's it... Eureka! WeGuns! Let me go register this idea now.
 #112313  by dave_in_delaware
... so now you don't need as many guns if you get the one good firearm."
Hmmmm, I'll bet this will be misquoted out of context and used to create new legislature limiting the number of guns in a household, you know, since you'd have the one good firearm. That's all you need, right?

Friggin ridiculous!