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 #57428  by dave_in_delaware
I'd like to start getting everyone who posts news stories to do two things:

1. post the link to the article. That way we can read the article in its original context on the news site. We'll also know where it came from, and the contact info for the reporter. This is already being done, so that's good.

But maybe more importantly:

2. copy and paste the actual article text, too. While the link is good to have within the first few weeks of the article, typically the news site will archive the article for "purchase past articles" purposes, or the link may just become dead for some reason. When the link no longer works, no one can see the text to read the article without digging for it elsewhere, or spending money. So, please copy and paste the text of the article for future reference.

Thank you!
 #57430  by astro_wanabe
I remember The Armed Citizen getting sued for copying the actual text from articles, rather than paraphrasing or just linking.
In July 2010, a frivolous lawsuit was filed against The Armed Citizen alleging copyright infringement. This was one of hundreds of lawsuits filed by a group of copyright trolls known as Righthaven. TAC was in good company, since the Second Amendment Foundation, the Second Amendment Sisters and the Drudge Report were also sued. In order to escape a prolonged and potentially bankrupting legal battle, TAC's owners settled and, believing that success is the best revenge, used donations to rebuild the website.
Of course TAC existed solely to disseminate news articles, so we probably wouldn't attract as much attention, but still they make you pay for old articles as part of the papers' business strategy and they probably don't want us (or anyone else) archiving them for free reference.
 #57448  by dave_in_delaware
:oops: :oops: :oops:

Well, upon further investigation on a few TOS's on news sites, it would appear that they don't want you to copy their article text anywhere. Probably for the sole purpose of charging you later.

So, ignore my request. I thought it was a good idea at the time. So I guess we'll have to let all the other forums and web crawlers and web archivers do it for us.
 #57450  by jslacker
How about a quick who what when and where, invade the link disappears too? I mean if it was important enough for you to post the link, it should be worth a few seconds of your time to give the W's.
 #57454  by Boots
astro_wanabe wrote:I remember The Armed Citizen getting sued for copying the actual text from articles, rather than paraphrasing or just linking. ....
This issue was mentioned here on DELOC last year...

 #57587  by stephpd
Would it still be copy right infringement if both the text and link are provided?

Seems similar to using footnotes when writing reports or a book.
It's not like you're not giving credit or claiming the words as your own.

"willful trademark counterfeiting or copyright piracy on a commercial scale"


Where's gator when we need him?
It's not like it's posted here for profit.
 #57592  by jslacker
It's been long enough, somebody PM him so he will get an email notification. I haven't seen his PIA post in a while so maybe he will come back and shed some light on this situation. He's been mentioned at least twice this week alone