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An amendment to legislation banning assault style weapons could affect its prospects of passing this session.

State Sen. Trey Paradee’s amendment would allow possession, purchase and transfer of assault style weapons by people at least 21 years old on or before June 30th and allowed to have a firearm. It also exempts people who have a concealed weapons license. Those who are under 21 years old can own an assault style weapon if they take a safety course.

Paradee (D-Dover) said he believes this is a more measured approach to the issue.

“I just think it’s wrong to deprive people of lawfully acquired property and to devalue their lawfully acquired property," he said. "But at the same time, I am concerned about safety and I am very much concerned about these weapons falling into the wrong hands.”

The bill’s sponsor - Senate Majority Whip Bryan Townsend (D-Newark) - opposes the amendment, arguing it guts his bill.

Townsend said these types of weapons should not be publicly available and most Delawareans support his position.

His bill, along with legislation banning high capacity magazines and creating a permit to purchase firearm system will be heard in a Senate committee Wednesday.

YES! Thank you to the Honorable Mr. Paradee!
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agree. cali did that years ago on mags as well.

well actually, they did the grandfather clause, but in a ballot initiative in '16, they kill grandpa. criminalizing all mags over.. i think 10 rounds.

the case is being fought in cali/9th circus now. judge said the couldn't do it, but the fight is still going on. there was a mag frenzy a few weeks ago, during the judges stay. i heard something over 250k mags sold in a week or so. i think the anticipation is that once the judge that did the stay finalizes the case, it will be escalated to the 3 panel on the 9th, and if they rule against the BI, the enbanc for the 9th. we know how they are.

if it's bad, no carve outs or exemptions. make it as bad as possible for everyone. the more enemies a bad law has, the better.
radnor wrote:Not so sure the amendment is a good thing.

Amend it so it passes. Several sessions down the road strip it out.
I believe MD is going through this now with their HG review board.