Be respectful of others' views and choices.
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For the purposes of activism and ensuring our rights are not infringed upon, it's beneficial to us if we actively participate in email/letter writing, targeting on a specific cause to put as much focus on the issue as possible.

Here's how to determine who your county councilperson is in New Castle:

1. Got to
2. Enter your house number, a word in your street name and the city -- click "Search."
3. Click the link that matches your home.
4. Marvel at how public your information is and how easily accessible it is on the Internet.
5. Under "Districts & Zoning Info" you'll see a "COUNCIL ## - COUNCILMEMBER" link. Click it.
6. The link takes you directly to the Councilperson's webpage where you can easily find their information.

When we do make a group effort to write them, be sure write intelligently, eloquently and respectfully. Use logic and reason to persuade them rather than passion. Be sure to include your home address in your communication and, in the course of your writing, indicate that you are a responsible registered voter in their district.

If anyone has the method to obtain this information in Kent or Sussex county, please let me know!
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Wynder wrote:If anyone has the method to obtain this information in Kent or Sussex county, please let me know!
Kent County:
SmartMap is their online map program.

To use this, you'll need to install a viewer first. Download the viewer here: ... ID=9242099
Download and install the Active X control (or whichever you need for your computer/OS).

The other needed file is flash reader which you probably already have loaded. If not there's a link on the Kent County mapping site.

Next, go to the SmartMap site: and click "Enter"

In SmartMAP double click on the Hundred you live in, or just zoom into the parcel. You may have to keep zooming in until the parcel layer shows up. On the right hand side you will see a Table of Contents. Click on "infrastructure" and about mid way down you will see "Levy Court Districts" click on that. Scroll over the map and it will indicate the Levy Court District and Commissioner that represents you.

It's not as intuitive (or convenient) as NCC or Sussex, but at least it's available in some form.

FYI: Kent County has 7 Elected Commissioners. There are six districts and an elected Commissioner from each district. The 7th is an elected Commissioner at Large who represents the entire County as a whole. The At Large Commissioner is Richard Ennis.

Sussex County: ... earch_page

Click on Name Search or Billing Address Search, accept disclaimer, enter your info, click on the parcel number next to your name/address, and see your general property info. Click on Council district (on left) and send a direct email to your councilperson (via online form).
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Here's some more info for New Castle County:

Council Districts Map:
Go here to click on Councilperson's page directly

New Castle County Council Members (photos and links to their personal pages): ... bpage1.asp
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This is good info. When I moved to Delaware in 2006, and until just recently, I had no clue who my rep was or even what district I was in. :roll: