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 #1379  by dave_in_delaware
I was just curious what kind of firearm you got - or will get - with your C&R first?

I don't have my C&R (yet - I want to get it someday), but I know what I'll get first:

Mosin Nagant 91/30.

I already have my historic Mosin (1942, Izhevsk Arsenal, wartime production, matching s/n's and arsenal markings, with marking indicating East German influence), so this next one will be a cheap one so I can do some "smithing" on it: accurizing, refinishing, etc. I'm not going to be worried about matching s/n's or anything, so I'll be looking for one that's really cheap since I'm going to "butcher" it anyway.

So, what's on your list first?
 #1392  by myopicvisionary
Don't have a C&R license... yet.
But I do own:
2) Schmidt-Rubin K31 (7.5x55mm Swiss)
1) Lee-Enfield No.1, MkIII SMLE (.303 British)
2) Lee-Enfield No.4, MkI SMLE (.303 British)
1) U.S. Rifle, cal. .30, M1 (.30-06)
1) Yugoslavian M48 (7.92x57mm Mauser)
 #1448  by stephpd
I got the paper work for the C&R. Just haven't mailed it in yet.

I'd be starting with old military firearms.

M-1 Garand

Next would be German and Russian weapons from WWII. Rifles, sniper rifles.

I love the .30 caliper rifles. Good for any beasts. :D
 #1567  by Gotarheels03
I have a whole list of C&R Guns I'd like to own. Here are a few off the top of my head.

Russian Makarov
TT-33 Tokarev
Swiss K31
M1 Garand
Japanese Arisaka Type 38 (yes, I know 6.5 Jap is crazy expensive) Maybe a Type 99 in 7.7 Jap?
Mosin Nagant
Lee-Enfield SMLE

I don't know, there's just something intriguing about old WWI / WWII service weapons, particularly the battle rifles. Who knows, maybe once I've shot something larger than 5.56x45 I'll change my mind about owning some of these larger battle rifles, particularly since I'm not a big guy. Hell, I'm not even sure I could work the actions on anything but the K31, since I'm a lefty.
 #1600  by dave_in_delaware
What amazes me, after handling my Mosin 91/30 for a while, is that anyone could have carried that thing around 24/7, and in combat no less! That thing is freakin' HEAVY!!

If anyone wants to check out my Mosin some day, just let me know.
 #48671  by phlydude
No C&R license (although I had the paperwork and really contemplated sending it in before my wife got wise to what I was doing) but I do own a Sweedish M96 in 6.5x55 - every time I shoot it, I see $1 bills flying down range!! But it is ACCURATE!!
(also heavy and gets hot quickly too)
 #67741  by tom_20m
myopicvisionary wrote:The M-14 will be problematic as it is select fire.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the M-14 is a class three firearm, illegal to own in DE along with silencers, short barrel shotguns (SBS), Destructive Devices (DD). If you want one, go to PA. If it wasn't for the fact it was initially setup as select fire, then you/we would be able to get one. If you still want one, get an M1A1, are perfectly legal, looks like an m-14 but will require an ffl to order.
 #67764  by myopicvisionary
Correct, the M-14 is illegal for civilians to own in Delaware. My Armscorp M-14NM is built up from an Armscorp semi-auto receiver and a M-14 parts kit from Reese Surplus.