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 #57873  by bluedog46
I had seen that some retailers give a discount to C&R holders. Does anyone know off hand some of the companies and what kind of discount it is? I have heard the discounts can often more than pay for the price of the C&R.
 #60254  by fieldman
Midway gives a discount. Send them your C&R and you will get a dealer price when you log in. Not sure if it's a set %. I have saved many times over the $30 for C&R just with them. I believe Brownell's offers a discount also. The firearms you can buy at wholesale prices direct from distributors online is worth the license fee also.
 #73256  by phlydude
Brownells has a discount as well

I will say though that you have to be careful with Midway - discount on non-sale merchandise but when stuff is on sale, either no discount or priced above sale prices.

Graf's also offers discounts if you are into reloading.

But I am still looking for the uber discounts on ammo and such...I don't think there is a whole lot out there better than my friendly, local FFL-01 that carries ammo.
 #73261  by Mirlen
Graf and Sons states a minimum quota of $2500 per year so I may get kicked out of there unless I pick up reloading... Oh well.
 #73425  by Mirlen
Think it came as an attachment when you get your dealer #... Oh and it's $2000,,, not $2500.