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 #70153  by Mirlen
Mailed Aug 3rd via standard envelope from my mail box with 1 stamp.

Might see ya at the range today, got an interview around lunchtime then I figure I'll head over a bit after that...
 #70158  by phlydude
Looks like I paid about $4.35 more than I needed to mail it timely...

Good luck on the interview!

I will be there later this morning and into the afternoon
 #72057  by phlydude
Now you have me wanting to go get Friday's mail...

NOPE! Nothing but a magazine, flea and tick meds for the dogs and a couple magazine offers....maybe today
 #72063  by Mirlen
Just be sure not to sign your original like I did... Luckily I made a few copies first but you need to sign each one by itself to submit places. Make like 20 copies and file the original.
 #72491  by phlydude
Thank you!!

I've been put on freeze by the boss though...she was a little BS I didn't get home until 4 last Sat and with a box under my arm.

Time to get creative!!