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 #73568  by John_P
I plan on purchasing a few firearms over the next few months. I have seen several online and understand that ordering this way involves shipment to a Delaware FFL and payment of fees for the background check/paperwork. I also understand that a dealer will order a weapon for me (or for stock), mark it up, and sell it at that price which covers overhead and paperwork. My question is which do most dealers prefer? Is it better for you to just do the transfer for a fee or do you make a better profit if you order the gun yourself? My reason for asking is that I want to support the local guy and would rather pay a little bit more (a little bit :lol: ) to keep the locals in business.

On another note, I am planning to go to the Nur Temple gun show this weekend. Any of you going to attend or show?
 #73569  by HoBoJoe
Contact viper98 on the board, tell him what you're looking for and go from there.

FYI: Most local shops will not accept transfers from wholesale places like budsgunshop.com.
 #73570  by bmel17
I don't have an FFL, but know a few. They will all say order it through them. You save a transfer fee as well.

I know Scottese (FFL) usually has a table at Nur Temple. I'll be stopping by there as well
 #73571  by fdegree
If you don't buy anything while at the Nur Temple gun show, this guy is a lot closer to you...down in Seaford:

I stopped in and talked to him last week, for the first time. Based upon a fairly short visit, I came away with the impression that he is a nice, decent, honest individual.

Good luck...
 #73572  by David
I'm south of you and handle my FFL's (gunbroker, etc) through Branchy's Gun Shop on Rt 24 in Laurel http://www.branchysgunshop.com . Good guy. Also, as stated above, if you don't mind traveling a little north, contact Viper. He provides a decent FFL discount for Deloc members and his gun prices are very good. If he doesn't have it, he will find it for you.
 #73573  by David
Actually, if you post your want list here, you may find a member willing to conduct a private sale avoiding the fees all together.
 #73578  by phlydude
Another vote for Viper98. I did a transfer after finding him by his real name on Davidson's. he looked around and found where I was looking had a better price than he could find.
In the long run, it all worked out for both of us.
He is a great guy and a hell of a friend.
 #73627  by John_P
Thanks to all for the info. viper98 and I have had an off-line conversation and I look forward to meeting him soon.
 #73668  by bluedog46
viper98 is also aces with me. Very nice guy, knows his weapon and values people's opinions. Also has a very nice network of dealers if you need something special and has great prices. Wish I had met him sooner.