If you have received communication from specific stores, malls, towns and cities regarding their firearms policies, good or bad, post them here.
 #105165  by 2xTony
As long as youre not buying anything air or electric powered they have decent stuff. I wouldnt trust thier torque wrenches but ill buy their sockets all day. I built my whole maverick with harbor freight tools lol.
 #105173  by astro_wanabe
I just consider everything they sell to be likely one-time-use and avoid buying anything that could seriously injure me if / when it fails. I happened to need some one-time-use stuff today for an RC plane project so I stopped by, OC'ing of course. Place was very busy, probably because of their sidewalk sale. Only interaction I had was a guy that recently moved here from Virginia and wanted to know what the carry laws were like and how to get a carry license. Informed him about OC and referred him to John Davidson for CCDW info (who I used for my class). They were fully staffed and none of the workers mentioned anything about my Glock.
 #105180  by Dugan
Im in that store all the time, never an issue. I buy a lot of things that are one use or even things I can buy and make work for myself (tubing notching, just buy real bushings), or the sort. I have a lot of HF tools and I run a full time shop. They work great after a few modifications.

Their angle grinders are great @10$ ea, I buy one for each type of grinding/cutting item, disc, flap, twisted wire etc., then there is no need to swap the discs, just grab the next grinder!

Their storage items are great too. Just read the reviews.

But back to the topic. I oc in there all the time, never an issue. Even had an older gentleman ask me what caliber, and that he has the same gun in a 45 "on him" haha.
 #105184  by Kuntryboy816
At least they're big enough to admit they made a mistake with their stance! It'd gone much smoother had they thought out an appropriate response beforehand.
Amy Blackthorn wrote:The man she approached asked what it looked like. (He's never seen this tool before?) she didn't know since she isn't a car person. He laughed at her and said, "if you don't know what it looks like, you don't need it, girl. You need a wrench."
Appropriate response, "Yes, yes I do! I think I'll start by wrenching that smart@$$ tongue out of your mouth! Then maybe your arm from your shoulder... or maybe your head from your neck..."

BTW... flaring tool is first aisle from the left with the plumbing tools. I've spent too much time in that store! :? If you ever need to borrow one, I have it (non-HF variety)
 #105241  by phlydude
Seriously, nothing wrong with their tarps, moving blankets and like others said, one-two time use tools. Needed a 24" long screwdriver for a TV mount and got a set for under $8. Won't need to use them again but the 60" plasma isn't falling off the wall either!