If you have received communication from specific stores, malls, towns and cities regarding their firearms policies, good or bad, post them here.
 #107885  by Amy Blackthorn
Big Sky sells their bread at a few local farmer's markets and I've seen them all over for years. Today Kane and I stopped in there for lunch. The sandwiches were the size of my head, great prices too! The owner stopped by to say, "Thanks for open carrying!"

Will absolutely go back and will happily buy bread from them at the Newark natural Foods farmer's market Sunday's 10-2. Image

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 #107887  by Kuntryboy816
Nice! :applause:

That sandwich looks much bigger on my work PC than on my phone!! :lol:
 #107890  by Amy Blackthorn
That's a 12" paper plate. They're not messing around.

1812 Marsh Rd
Unit 9
Wilmington, DE 19810
United States

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 #107896  by Kuntryboy816
I feel like viking it out! Bring me a loaf of bread, clotted cream, honey and mead! :twisted:
 #107899  by dave_in_delaware

I've never been there. Are they set up to possibly host a meeting there?