If you have received communication from specific stores, malls, towns and cities regarding their firearms policies, good or bad, post them here.
 #4970  by Wynder
When you happen to communicate with the various stores, malls, shopping centers, towns, cities... whatever, and you receive their official policies regarding firearms, please post your communications here.

Make the "Subject" the chain name of the store. If the store is not a chain, post a quick description of where it is, e.g. "Charlies: Route 40 in Bear."

If your communication was an email, please post the communication in its entirety. If possible, please post the headers as well. Leaving the contact information of the person with whom your communicating is preferred so if this letter is used, that person can be contacted by a representative of the store.

If you have a PDF or Word file, send it to me and I'll host it on the website and we can link to it.
 #4974  by dave_in_delaware
In addition, if you could indicate in the subject line if the place in question is pro-OC (or pro-2nd Amendment) by putting "(Pro)" OR if the place is basically anti-gun by putting "(Anti)" in the subject line, that would be helpful. That way, someone doesn't have to actually read through the post to find out.