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 #89913  by jethro29
hi guys,i'm not sure if i'm posting this in the right place or not.but I need some opinions on kahr firearms,i have the chance to trade my ruger gp100 for a kahr 9mm,not sure of the model # but I am not familiar with their products or quality at all,i've found some reviews on line but would like a/some real world opinions from people that I am familiar with( virtually or otherwise) thanks.
 #89919  by viper98
depends on the model.....what are you looking to trade for?
 #89948  by jethro29
the model is a cm9,and it comes with 400 rounds of Remington(I think ) ammo,and a holster.he wants to trade me for my ruger gp1oo 357 ,stainless steel revolver, it includes a holster,two speed loaders and 200 rounds of hornady critical defense.i'm just not sure if it is a good deal or not.
 #89950  by bmel17
personally, not based on $ values, I'd keep the Ruger over a Kahr. Wheel guns are classic
 #89951  by spillanej
I like the baby eagles. Kahr bought magnum research and started importing 9mm .40 and .45acp baby "desert" eagles.
 #89961  by brich2929
Never owned a Kahr or a Ruger revolver but if it were me I'd probably stay with the Revolver.

 #89988  by jethro29
thanks guys,i appreciate your input and time.i decided to keep what I've got.
 #89996  by bmel17

I have a S&W 357 that I love. I have been wanting the Ruger Alaskan 44 mag in a bad way.
 #108064  by davesvet
I currently have a cw9 and I bought that after regretting selling a PM9. When I lived in Texas my pm9 was my summer carry gun. That said, don't do it. I love kahrs and if you like shooting your GP-100 you will too. My first gun purchase was a ruger redhawk. The triggers feel a lot like a revolver double action trigger, only a little lighter. That said, I bought my cw9 new for 350 I think. You could never get another gp-100 for that. If you still want to trade, I’ll trade you! and throw some extra cash your way ;-)
 #108101  by 2xTony
Id much rather have your gp100 than any khar 9mm ive ever seen

And writing "desert eagle" down the side of something thats not one seems like a total marketing gimmick aimed at people who cant afford a real one. They may as well call the chevy caviler the baby corvette next lol