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 #49364  by Oktane
Alright everyone, cleaning out the closet and this is one of the things that I just never use. This is the Viridian X5L Gen 1 laser/light combo. It is in perfect condition. I took it to the range one time, which was actually Rob's pistol class and it has been in the closet ever since. The only thing on it is some dust. This fits most handgun rail systems, Viridian's website actually has a user list with every pistol it fits. The green laser is super bright! Enough that it will completely illuminate the corner of a dark room. The light has all the options, different brightness, strobe, etc.. Everything is there, including extra batteries for it.

I paid $399 when it first came out but now I see you can get it for around $265. Selling this for $175 firm. Great deal if you are looking to pick one of these up. Will take cash, MO, or paypal gifted. I took some pictures below with my iphone, let me know if you would like some better pictures, i'll do my best. Drop a line, pm me, or my phone number is on the contact list.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/61911785@N ... /lightbox/
http://www.flickr.com/photos/61911785@N ... /lightbox/
 #49481  by jslacker
I own this exact model, and it is indeed as bright as he says. With a fresh bat. the laser is soooo bright! The strobe feature is nice too. The extra weights almost like a compensating head lol
 #49544  by dave_in_delaware
The green wavelength is just so much easier to see with the eye than red. I've seen these advertised before and always wanted one. I just wish they made a Blackhawk holster for the gun/laser combo!
 #49558  by Oktane

Thanks for the responses everyone. I thought I would have a hard time selling this but it went fast.

Dave, they actually do make a holster for it, and IT IS actually a blackhawk made specifically for it. It came with the laser but my xdm with the viridian actually didn't fit snugly. I had to jam it in there for it to work, and it was a cheap nylon holder.
 #49572  by jslacker
dave_in_delaware wrote:...I just wish they made a Blackhawk holster for the gun/laser combo!
Here are a few kydex ones I have found, being in the market for one myself (seems like im always in the market for something but never have enough funds for all my interests lol). Unfortunately it does not look like Blackhawk is making a kydex one with the release button just yet.

http://www.xfighterdefense.com/product/LASKYDEX This one dosent have the release retention button and is kind of on the cheap side at 35 dollars, although they do have it for a variety of models.

http://www.adorama.com/VIBHGLKKBT.html This one is a little more spendy at 78 dollars and looks to only fit the Glock. This too lacks the finger retention release button thing of a majig.
 #49621  by dave_in_delaware
Well, I stand corrected guys. Thanks for letting me know that they make kydex holsters for with a laser, although it sounds like none have level 2 retention....

I guess I haven't looked since I got my Blackhawk (I figured I'd never be able to afford a Viridian). Although I don't think I'd use it for daily carry anyway.
 #113017  by NCC
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