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 #88933  by littlephilly
hello. I have four Elvis Presley Whiskey decanters. All are mint in the box and have not been opened. They are from the 70s sometimes. I thought I would post on here and see if there are any elvis fans. I am still trying to find out prices on them as I have not been able to get much info as most of the ones I have seen on ebay have the bourbon removed.

This is not mine, but here is an ebay auction that shows one
http://www.ebay.com/itm/ELVIS-MUSICAL-W ... 35c9940cb0

I have four different ones.

Would trade for ammo, if they are worth alot I would trade for or towards a gun I like.
 #112748  by Greaybond5
I want one. I love Elvis presley whiskey decanters but just want to know whether it's Lead-Free or not. I read an article on best whiskey decanters in which i got to know that Lead is dangerous enough and if it leaches and reacts with the alcohol in the whiskey decanter, the damage is beyond repairable.

It's one thing that you guys should be aware of.