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 #105960  by dean
A couple of years ago I attempted to gain permission to carry on lands and waters administered by the division of parks and rec (twice). I was denied both times.

See this thread for more info: http://deloc.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f ... 4&start=10

This is the relevant part of the regulations: http://regulations.delaware.gov/registe ... -01-04.htm
Title 7 DNREC
24.3 It shall be unlawful to display, possess or discharge firearms of any description, air rifles, B.B. guns, sling shots or archery equipment upon any lands or waters administered by the Division[/b], except by those persons lawfully hunting in those areas specifically designated for hunting by the Division, or those with prior written approval of the Director.

Who do we talk to in order to get this changed and what do we do?

I think I'd be content if it were treated in similar fashion as the Dover permits issued by the Chief of Police, meaning permits are available upon request, but make it so it's shall issue rather than a may issue.

The best of course would be simply being able to carry on the lands and waters administered by the division without need of a permit.

Can anyone help with this?
 #105965  by Owen
Not sure if this is helpful but if you have the denial letter(s) you could maybe sue on the grounds that the DE constitution guarantees your right to be armed. Isn't that the whole foundation of Open Carry being lawful because DE has laws criminalizing unlicensed concealed carry so open carry has to be allowed to not violate the DE constitution?

The whole no guns here or there on public property always rubs me the wrong way. It's the public's land not private property. You can't stop all carry and still comply with the DE constitution. No other constitutionally guaranteed right has as much restriction.
 #105966  by Kuntryboy816
I'm definitely interested in this as well and any way I can help if possible. I am tired of having to disarm just because I want to go fishing.. or take the kids down to Lums.. or while I'm hunting. I'm positive that my safety and that of my family's is still just as important in those places as it is in any other "public" place.