A forum for the First State Firearms Freedom Association, a grassroots lobby for Delaware.
 #81304  by SeanM
OK folks, time to get started. I have new information from Senator Venables. If we don't head this off now, what comes next will be even worse.


 #81306  by David
Everyone needs to understand the ramifications of this legislation. If you are robbed, a traumatic experience in itself, and fail to report a single missing firearm within 48 hours you are a felon. In the hospital....tough. Suffering mental trauma from being robbed...tough. Have a collection of any size you better be completing an inventory daily and if you can't find one...better report it.

This bill criminalizes the victim and will do nothing to stop straw purchasers.
 #81335  by SeanM
Agreed. And, since this is possibly a feeler bill, if we can make enough noise, we can probably catch the attention of some of the legislators who are sitting on the fence about all of this.