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 #81873  by David
Illinois Congressman makes bid to disarm the poor
http://www.examiner.com/article/illinoi ... m-the-poor

Yesterday, United States Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) introduced H.R. 965, "To prohibit the possession or transfer of junk guns, also known as Saturday Night Specials." The Hill quotes Rep. Gutierrez's justification for such a ban:

"I am concerned about the assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. But I am also concerned by the 'slow-moving massacre' that is occurring every day with handguns," Gutierrez, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, said Monday in Chicago while announcing his bill.

Clearly an equal opportunity gun-grabber, Gutierrez wants to ban as many guns as possible--both so-called "assault weapons," and handguns.

The text for H.R. 965 is not yet available, but Rep. Gutierrez is a true believer in the agenda of disarming the poor, and has introduced such legislation twice before: H.R. 35, in 1999, and H.R. 3679, in 2002. In those two bills (and presumably in this year's H.R. 965) Gutierrez defined "junk guns" for us:

`(i) a handgun that is not a sporting handgun; and

`(ii) any combination of parts from which a handgun described in clause (i) can be assembled.

Ah--the "sporting purpose" again.

Furthermore, Gutierrez has announced that his bill would ban the manufacture and sale of "junk guns" in the same way that the Gun Control Act has banned the importation of them. This means that short barrels, small calibers, fixed sights, light weight--many of the very features that define an ideal defensive firearm for concealed carry--are to count against a gun's legal status.
 #81874  by MrCoolDale
Effectively banning the single most popular semi-auto on the market: 9mm Glocks.

Also, what part of the second amendment mentions sporting purposes?

Necessary for the sporting of rich people, the right of the elite keep and bear certain certain arms might be infringed if it gets politicians more votes.
 #81901  by stephpd
Banning short barrel's? Fixed sights? Light weight?
You mean pocket guns or ones like most folks use for concealed carry?(with a license)

So ugly EBR's are out. And now easily concealed weapons too?
What would be left? Joe's blunderbuss?
Why not just come out and say what the true agenda is?

Of banning all guns!
 #104633  by 2xTony
I still dont understand the definition of a junk gun? I guess thats the point so they can force anything into that catagory.

Whenever you see a gun recovered from a crime scene or drug deal it usually is some piece of crap
 #104645  by Surface Dragon
2xTony wrote: Whenever you see a gun recovered from a crime scene or drug deal it usually is some piece of crap
I thought most firearms that are used in crimes were of the stolen variety with obliterated serial numbers. Maybe they should make a law against theft, oh wait there is one.