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HB 35 has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee that scheduled a hearing for it this Wednesday, March 13 at 12:30 pm in the House Majority Hearing Room in Legislative Hall and public comment will be accepted.

NRA is currently asking everyone to call House Judiciary Committee Chairman – Rep. Rebecca Walker and urge her to reschedule this hearing on House Bill 35 for 7:00 pm, so that working Delawareans can attend to testify and voice opposition to such harmful legislation to gun owners’ rights.

If you or anyone you know can make it to this meeting, please attend. I am going to try to get there.

As a reminder HB 35 would criminalize private transfers of firearms by requiring that a criminal history background check be performed in connection with the sale or transfer of all firearms. Background checks would be performed by licensed firearms dealers, who would be required to
maintain records of such background checks in accordance with state and federal law.
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David wrote: NRA is currently asking everyone to call House Judiciary Committee Chairman – Rep. Rebecca Walker and urge her to reschedule this hearing on House Bill 35 for 7:00 pm, so that working Delawareans can attend to testify and voice opposition to such harmful legislation to gun owners’ rights.
Already did. Would be nice, but I doubt they will move it to 7PM.
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Called. Receptionist said it's not going to happen. Wasn't able to offer any kind of explanation as to why the meetings are held during the middle of the day but assured me, when I brought it up, that it's probably not so the majority of people (who have jobs) won't be able to voice their opposition/support/opinions.

(302) 744-4351

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dean wrote:Called. Receptionist said it's not going to happen.
If you can't go, call at tell the receptionist you will be unable to attend at that time and you would like her to log your objection to the bill. That way they will know where you stand, at least.
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I received a call from the aide, said I could email "Becky Walker" and it will be included in the minutes. Rebecca.Walker@state.de.us

Already sent an email to the entire committee....

Another this morning will go out expressing my appreciation for moving it to 1230, but that does nothing for us who have an hour drive.
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Here is my email to chairwoman Walker and my representatives...

Ms. Walker,

As chair of the Judiciary Committee, I wish to briefly state my objection to any bill in this state which seeks to further restrict, infringe, or otherwise limit ones enumerated civil rights. I am not interested in any excuses such as the often heard "in the name of Public Safety" nonsense. Those same excuses were used by the Republicans to pass the PATRIOT Act, which I equally abhor.

There is absolutely no excuse for government to infringe upon an enumerated right unless there is a compelling government interest. Considering that the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right held by all, what compelling interest does the State have to further limit the People's right to own or sell firearms? Is it due to a freak shooting in Connecticut? Another gang related shooting in Wilmington? To address gun violence?

I won't even consider the current knee-jerk reaction from recent shootings or the persistent media demands that "you have to do something" as a valid compelling state interest. Newtown was nothing more than a long awaited opportunity to push for the Gun Confiscation agenda.

So, that leaves us with the violence aspect. If violence was truly the issue, why haven't we seen any legislation that may actually address the root cause of most violence in the State? A vast majority of the shooting that have taken place in Delaware have occurred in either the city of Wilmington or in the Laurel area. Now, why would that be? In a word, Drugs. If you truly wish to deal with violence, you must deal with the failed war on drugs. But, that is not really what their interested in, are they?

As innocent as you may think HB 35 may be, it is nothing more than a gateway to registration and eventual confiscation of all firearms in the state of Delaware. There is no sugar coating it. Anyone who wishes to place their name on any further encroachments of the People's right to keep and bear arms shall be assumed to support and even demand complete firearm confiscation. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow or even next year. But, eventually they will try to take them.

Please consider this public commentary in lieu of my personal appearance due to employment obligations.


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A small, temporary victory but, don't get too complacent...

http://www.delawareonline.com/article/2 ... ntrol-bill

Lawmakers in state House committee table discussion on gun-control bill

Lawmakers in the state House Judiciary Committee tabled discussion on a Markell administration bill to require background checks on most private sales of firearms. The committee is expected to resume discussion on the bill next week.

Rep. Valerie Longhurst, a Democrat and the House Majority Leader, is sponsoring the bill, which is part of a gun-control package being pushed by Gov. Jack Markell and Attorney General Beau Biden in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting.

Lobbyists for the National Rifle Association and representatives from the Delaware State Sportsmen's Association, the local NRA affiliate, testified in opposition to the bill. The hearing on the measure was delayed as lawmakers moved an overflow crowd out of a hearing room and into the House Chamber.

Shannon Alford, an NRA lobbyist, said the bill is a back-door attempt to register firearms in Delaware and would open up background-check information to government inspection.

"We obviously have a fundamental problem with the concept behind the bill," Alford testified.

Andy Lippstone, Markell's chief legal counsel, defended the bill at the hearing, saying it was a straightforward measure to close a loophole in the state's background-check system. Guns purchased at federally-licensed shops are already subject to background checks. House Bill 35 would require that private sales, with narrow exceptions, be screened through dealers, who could charge up to $50 for performing the background check.

"It makes very little sense to have a background-check system with respect to licensed dealers but not have it for everyone else," Lippstone said.

Contact Jonathan Starkey at 983-6756, on Twitter @jwstarkey or at jstarkey@delawareonline.com.
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Just got home from the committee hearing (circus). Here's what I heard/saw:

1) 3 DSP next to me before meeting standing in line to support the bill

2) 2 bumbling bill sponsors who think they have identified a problem but have no idea how to fix it. They are talking someone else's powerpoint and have no answers to any questions.

3) DSSA's only complaint seemed to be the $50 fee as its discriminatory.

4) Supposedly a nice clean 3500 people in Delaware have been denied a gun due to a nics check. No substantiation to the figure, no explanation of the figure, no mention of the outcome of the 3500 denials, nothing. Just a number.

5) No numbers for how many private sales occur, how many private sale weapons end in the hands of criminals nor how many of those criminals commit offenses with the weapons they supposedly obtained as a result of private sales.

6) A single pro bill speaker who compared gun owners to a pedophile doctor.

7) A committee chair who had no idea what she was doing. She had multiple lists of speakers yet somehow, when she ran out of time, had also run out of names to call on to speak.

8) A gun store owner who is all for legislating himself an additional revenue stream.

And, most importantly

8) A bill sponsor who said, and I paraphrase, "We can track a gun from the manufacturer to the distributor, from the distributor to the dealer and from the dealer to the first buyer. After that, we can no longer track it" Then in the next breath claims the bill is not about gun tracking.

Aside from all that, until today I have never heard of Miller's gun shop or Bob Miller, but Bob, if you ever read this, you can rest assured you will not ever receive a dime of my money.
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