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stephpd wrote:
fieldman wrote:
MrCoolDale wrote: I do, however, have to wonder why a non-Delaware citizen was given time before a Delaware committee, or why he was given 250% more time than those affected by the law.
I absolutely agree that he should not be testifying at a state level, except for maybe in his home state. It happened there, not here. He can & did testify at the national level, I have no problem with that. It's his right. I don't agree with him getting more time than someone who lives in Delaware, however I think he gets a pass. His wife was shot in the head and it made headlines all over the nation. Even if he was told to keep it to 2min and just proceeded to say whatever he wanted, there's no way for an elected official to cut him off without seeming like a :censored:. If someone did, that would probably be reported on and these guys are in the business of being elected. I don't think any of them want to be known as the guy that cut off the man testifying for gun control whose wife was shot in the head. There's just no benefit in it for them, consequently he gets to take as much time as he wants. There's the way things should be, and the way things are. Unfortunately, the way things are seems to rarely benefit the pro-gun community. :banghead:

My problem was what was he doing here for this bill? Banning private sales had nothing to do with his situation since the guy that shot his wife had passed a background check to get his gun.

Maybe for limiting the capacity of magazines but not this issue.
My problem with the whole thing is that him being a non- resident of this state, he should not have been entitled to speak at all, on this bill or any other bill that effects the residents of this state. There should have been called an " Out of Order". I have voiced my concern with my state senator and state rep.
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Yes, I just expressed my dismay to Senator Henry's legislative assistant as well as that of my Representative, Potter. This kind of thing is ridiculous and wrong. I'd hate to think that a Delaware resident was denied the right to speak because an out-of-state resident/celebrity took up their time.

Henry's person told me he was a "guest speaker"

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brich2929 wrote: I'd hate to think that a Delaware resident was denied the right to speak because an out-of-state resident/celebrity took up their time.

And I can't take another day off work to go back down. :(
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Amy Blackthorn wrote:I intend to! My stalker didn't use a gun. He had been arrested previously with chloroform in his possession. He is a convicted rapist. My ability to protect myself with my gun kept me safe. Not the police.
I for one support you, I still don't understand what drives a man to want to harm a woman, I guess some of us came from a different upbringing. Hopefully he will get what is owed to him, karma has a way of taking care of things.