You may start a topic here for an Open Carry Log -- a place to relay places and any events which may occur.
 #17745  by JägerMatthias
Hey ever'body. I guess it would be a fine idea to start up one of these things. I should start by saying my first OC experience was when I was a real lone wolf guy at the Wilmington Tea Party on April 15th 09. I open carried before even coming to know Del OC. I developed my own sense of code yellow before I even learned what code yellow is. I don't think that proves I'm a natural, but I do think I can become more familiar with and learn more about OC. In other words, (for you Star Wars fans) my natural ability does not make me a Jedi, but I should be trained in the ways of the Force. :lol:

So I won't really be covering the Tea Party. It was mostly uneventful, but of the 5 or 6 people who noticed, the looks were unconcerned, and the 2 questions I got were friendly! Zing! ;)

Rather, I think my first real entry will be the next post.....
 #17747  by stephpd
As they say over at PAFOA, welcome to the dark side. :D

:pointlaugh: The force is strong with this one! :mrgreen:
 #17794  by dave_in_delaware
OK, fine. I'll bake some. IIRC they were at least edible at the meetings. ;)

congratulations on your OC experience. Keep it up, every day! It'll get easier, just don't get complacent.
 #17795  by JägerMatthias
Haha, naw I'm kidding. I'm glad we can have a good laugh, especially on a forum like this! Lol!

So our top representative is a known socialist who can only promise 'change', the world assumes we are criminals because we are armed, and America is ready to fall apart because half of Americans don't know what it is to be American.

Might as well have some fun! Laugh it up! :lol:

Anyway, in this post I wanted to talk about this past Sunday, May 17th. I attended the service at Hockessin Baptist Church, with a holster on my right hip. Empty, that is. My church is actually not OC friendly (tell ya later), so I always humbly comply by leaving my pistol locked up in the trunk. When the service ended, I was invited by a friend to go to lunch at Panera's in Main Street, Newark. Nice place by the way. He had a friend from out of town join him for the church service, and he also tagged along for lunch. So that made 3 of us, and we drove down separately. There seemed to be much traffic, so we all found different places to park.

So I park my car a few blocks down from Panera's, and jump in the trunk for my funk (Mhm. 8-) ). With my P22 in the holster and ready, I head out to the destination. I was the first to get there, and perhaps 2 or 3 UD students noticed my sidearm on the way there and when in line ordering, but nothing happened. When the other 2 guys showed up, we had a nice brunch, and then we got word that there was to be a parade that day in just another hour or so! I know, memorial day isn't until next weekend, but oh well.

Instead of breaking and going home, we decided to stick around and see the parade. 'Fair enough', I thought. We went into 1 or 2 other stores before the first sounds of the parade came up Main Street. All the while, nothing to report. But it was about the time the parade started that I noticed slight environmental changes relevant to OC.

1. There were plenty more people in the streets (crowds = tricky targeting, FF risk).
2. There were about 4 cops at each intersection (really).

My friend and his friend were okay with my OC (win), but they're from Maryland (fail). The entire parade didn't seem to mind, either. So we're there watching the parade, and I'm in the crowd with a gun in plain sight surrounded by cops. I almost broke a sweat. But didn't. :D

So I forget the exact order of the procession, but the local firefighters convoyed by, and nobody questioned my gun. The Shriners rode by, and no cop approached me. The army and navy marched down the street, and I was not being detained. Mike Castle drove by, and it was all cool. The United States Marines marched past, and I was never arrested.... Anyway, when the parade was done, we split up, and I headed home, totally unopposed.

It was a very nice day. ;)
 #17799  by dave_in_delaware
I think the only people/group that would have a problem w/ your gun would be the police, as it's their job to worry about such things.
 #17804  by JägerMatthias
Lol, I know. I mean, come on, I didn't seriously think the Shriners would give me a hard time, or Mike Castle would jump outta his car and tell me what to do. Haha!
 #17871  by JägerMatthias
Friday May 22. OC all day. Went with Dwayne (my friend I brought to TX Roadhouse) to Regal Cinemas at the corner of 202 and 92. Saw the movie 'Star Trek' (really good). Afterwards, went to Grand East Buffet on 92 for dinner. Then went back to his house and 'wowed' his family with a P22. They were friendly about it. Nothing out of the ordinary to report.
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