You may start a topic here for an Open Carry Log -- a place to relay places and any events which may occur.
 #59804  by dave_in_delaware
Good luck to you, Sir. I hope you get your License eventually. I wonder how long the process/wait is for one now....
 #59833  by bluedog46
Lets not forget places like the Farmers market and Christiana Mall. I know the bad guys dont leave their guns at home.
 #60000  by Boots
JägerMatthias wrote:A 1911 for everyone? Not a bad idea.

But if the case is lost, you'll have to settle with this:


 #60033  by georgie c
:pbjtime: I was just reading the boston market log and thought i'd come over here to see who you were complaining about now. LOL just kidding. happy new year to all :P
 #71788  by JägerMatthias
Hello all. It is shameful that the last entry in this thread is from 10 months ago. But there has hardly been anything worthwhile enough to report, and my activity on this site has teetered out in the past few months.

I find myself in a bit of a jam recently, having been laid off last month, and soon too be moving out again. Long story, but my landlord moved to DC, and is giving up the house. Myself and other tenants must be out by Thursday, September 20th.

In my present predicament, I am short on cash, to be blunt. I have secured a new job, but it does not start for at least another week. I have located several interesting living arrangements, but find myself unable to afford the first month's rent AND security deposit, both due at move in. I would be most grateful if interested individuals could please peruse my list of firearms I am willing to sell to make ends meet. Thank you kindly.



 #81468  by JägerMatthias
Update: Hey fellas, been OCing here and there. Mostly just for groceries, otherwise not much. Happy to report I've got a new firearm as of a few hours ago. I took my date with me to X-Ring, and for $295, we came out with one of these:


It's my first shotgun. My interest in getting one can be partly credited to Brent, for letting me try his out last year, at Sodbuster's range. Been itching to get one since. Can't wait to clean it, and get some range time! 8-)
 #81473  by Guard_Duck
Good to see you caught the shotgun bug, they can be just as much fun to shoot as anything else.
 #81476  by JägerMatthias
Deast wrote:I'm not totally sure, but I think Viper98 has that for a few dollars less...
I certainly did shop around. Millers doesn't have anything entry-level in stock, and TM had the 320 model for about $250. Then again, I think they said they charge for background check, and also 6% sales tax. So for buying new, I guess I made out okay (given market conditions).
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