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 #54799  by jslacker
Amy Blackthorn wrote:
willyb1972020 wrote:UM i do
You do what?
I think he wields a Glock...
 #54800  by jslacker
Dr. Eastwood wrote:
It would be funnier if he was wielding a Glock.[/quote]

Here ya go!
 #54802  by dave_in_delaware
LOL! Nice image editing skills!!!
 #54807  by Dr. Eastwood
jslacker wrote:
Dr. Eastwood wrote:
It would be funnier if he was wielding a Glock.

Here ya go![/quote]

If it weren't a Glock I'd use it as my avatar.
 #54809  by jslacker
dave_in_delaware wrote:LOL! Nice image editing skills!!!
Cant take credit for this one, Great Googling skills would be more appropriate ;)
 #54850  by JägerMatthias
Hey ever'body. Just thought I'd share this mini story for your enjoyment:


I had the pleasure of visiting the Wilmington Riverfront yesterday, for the Peoples Festival. It's basically a reggae concert that's a tribute to Bob Marley. I'm not into any of that music or culture much, but a good friend of mine is a volunteer there, and I had a good time all the same. Regrettably, the event was guarded by volunteer security performing pat-downs and waving a hand-held metal detector. Not that I have anything to OC now, anyway. It should be noted, however that it would've been relatively easy to sneak a concealed weapon past them.

The Wilmington PD was out in full force for the event. I did not recognize any of them, and none of them recognized me. I approached one of them who was stationed at the entrance to the event. I'll paraphrase our conversation to something like this:

Me: "Pardon me officer, might I ask what your carry weapon is?"
Him: "What?"
Me: "Your sidearm. What kind of weapon is it?"
Him: "Oh, a forty."
Me: "Oh, okay. A forty caliber what?"
Him: "Uhhh, Smith and Wesson".
Me: "Okay. Do you know what model yours is?"
Him: "Naw, it's one of the new ones though. I forget the name. The mag holds 15, though."

I thanked him and walked away. Next, I approached 2 different cops who were chatting in the shade of a tree.

Me: "Pardon me officers, I was wondering what kind of sidearm the WPD carries. You see, I'm taking up employment with an armored car company, and I'm looking for recommendations for a good duty pistol."
Cop 1: "Well, I know it's a forty. (Turns to Cop 2) What kind do we have again?"
Cop 2: "A Ruger, I think"
Cop 1: "Ruger?"
Cop 2: "Yeah."

I thanked both of them, and enjoyed the event. Zero of the three officers could tell me that the pistol on their hip was a Smith and Wesson M&P. But hey, at least they didn't say it was a Glock!

WPD: Wee knowz are gunz!
 #54858  by SCUBA9097
Not suprising at all. I'm sure if you asked them what brand or model radio they were carrying you would get the exact same response. There are quite a few officers out there who view their sidearm as just another piece of equipment. I've met a lot of officers who had never even fired a gun prior to joining their department.

Or maybe they were just embarrased to be carrying a Sigma and didn't want to admit to it. :sparring: :D (Just messing with ya Jäger!)
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