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 #268  by Wynder
radnor wrote:Never been there, so I have no idea how loud it is.
Mostly the radio they have blaring. Good wings, though.
 #270  by Mr. Bruce
Myopicvisionary....... we must live right around the corner from each other because you are ALWAYS near my house.
 #278  by myopicvisionary
April 5th, 2008
OC'd quite a bit today. Started off with breakfast at Crossroads restaurant. From here I went to the Wilimington & Western Rail Road. I spent some time in the giftshop there. After there I returned to the AT&T store to return a phone. Next I went to Costco to include the liquor store next to it. This was followed up by a trip to the Borders Books nearby. My day's errands were finished by stopping at Dearhead Hotdogs across from the Christiana Hospital. At no time did anyone say anything to me regarding my sidearm.
 #318  by myopicvisionary
April 6th, 2008
I started out today by hitting the ATM at the Speedy Gas in front of my neighborhood. From there it was off to A.C. Moore on Kirkwood Hwy. Then to the Purebread Deli next to Goldey Beacom college for lunch. After I was there for about a half hour reading the paper after my meal, a couple that was leaving came up to me. The woman leaned in close and asked me if I was a police officer. I told her that I was not. She asked "So you're just carrying a gun?" "Yes ma'am, thats correct." "Oh, so you have a permit?" "No ma'am, none is required in the State of Delaware; except Dover, to carry openly. For me to carry my sidearm concealed I would need a permit." "Oh, I didn't know that" she replied. While she was surprised at my answers, she never became alarmed. She was quite charming and I would talked to her for as long as she wanted except her husband was anxious to leave. Lunch finished, I headed to Zingo's grocery store to pick up a few things. All told, a great outing with no negatives!
 #366  by myopicvisionary
April 11th, 2008
OC'd to X-Ring Supply today. Nobody said a thing about my Kimber. A stop for a snack at the Wawa by Christiana Hospital, no sweat. Paid my phone bill at the AT&T store at Prices Corner. And a visit to Zingo's grocery for supplies. An uneventful journey.
 #374  by myopicvisionary
April 12th, 2008
Went to Ommelanden this morning to warm up for the match at the end of the month. I met Wynder, MrBruce and Stephpd. Very nice gentlemen for sure. We had a good hour of practice before we decided to wrap it up. Thats when the herd came in. Timing is everything! We spent some time outside the range at the picnic tables talking when the rains came... meeting adjourned. Leaving the range, I headed to the Crossroads restaurant. Hey, I need my pancakes and saugage fix! Once again, not a word was spoken about my sidearm. After breakfast I went to AC Moore to get a gift for my niece. I was in line with all the soccer moms for a good ten minutes. I really don't think anyone even noticed.
 #435  by myopicvisionary
16th April, 2008
Oc'd on foot today. I needed to get some exercise so a walking I went. Trekked through my neighborhood to the Speedy Gas on Kirkwood Highway for a bottle of water. The owner is a nice guy and has never said anything to me about my sidearm. Up Polly Drummond Hill Road to the shopping center where Zingo's is. On either side of the road is White Clay Creek State Park, so I had to remain on the hardball to stay legal. Turned right onto Linden Hill road and down into the valley. Right onto Upper Pike Creek Road staying on the left side of the road after crossing Old Coach Road as the park is on the right and there is no shoulder. Turned right onto Kirkwood Highway to head home. A NCCPD cruiser passed by me and did not stop, though I don't know if he saw my sidearm. A bit over 5 miles as near as I can estimate. I was a good day to take a walk.
 #546  by myopicvisionary
April 19th, 2008
Hit the ATM at Speedy Gas on Kirkwood Highway. Lots of people saw me without reacting. Went to Zingo's grocery store and was all over the store. The only persons that commented were the two guys at the store exit that were collecting funds for a local charity. The older gentleman spotted my pistol and asked "Colt"? I told him it was a Kimber Custom II. All he said was "sweet!" I gave him a dollar.
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