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 #780  by myopicvisionary
May 9th, 2008
Went to Lowes again today. Either everyone knows I carry and are cool with it, or nobody ever sees the full size 1911 on my hip! Stopped at SUM-R-FUN for pool chemicals. I was talking to the clerk for awhile but he never raised an eyebrow.
 #796  by myopicvisionary
May 10th, 2008
Went to Zingo's deli counter today. The clerk asked me if I was a cop. I told him no. He asked what I did. I said that I was a truck driver. All he replied with was "Cool".
 #818  by myopicvisionary
May 11th, 2008
Mom's Day and Mary has to work! I went to the Crossroads Restaurant for breakfast after dropping Mary off for work at Lowes. Went looking for cargo shorts at the Pike Creek Kmart. Stopped at the McDonalds in Midway Shopping Center to pick up lunch for Mary (I know, McDonalds... but thats what she wanted). Dropped lunch off to her and hit Zingo's for groceries. Not a reaction from anyone the whole morning.
 #856  by Sprat
when do we meet Mary, I have been to every meeting and I don't recall meeting a Mary, though most of us have brought our wife's/girlfriends including mine Deb either to the range or a meeting maybe at Bruce's house!

when do we meet Myopic and Mary or did I miss someone, if so I look forward to meeting you both

 #859  by Wynder
I've met him at the range a couple of times... nice guy and a dead-on shot. We gotta get him to a gathering at some point soon. :)
 #870  by myopicvisionary
Thank you sir for the kind words. I'm sure I will get to a gathering soon. It seems something always comes up when I least expect it. And Mary's schedule at Lowes (see why I'm there all the times) is a crap shoot.
 #871  by Wynder
Which Lowes is she at?
 #872  by myopicvisionary
Across the street from X-Ring! How convenient is that? Mary does kitchen design, so if anyone is thinking of remodeling, do drop in and see her.
 #886  by dave_in_delaware
Ahhh, now I understand why you seem to live at Lowes!!!

and here I was thinking you were just addicted to home improvement or something.
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