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 #109945  by Amy Blackthorn
Stopped at Wawa at 4 & 72 (Which is no longer 24 hours, BTW). A mom is in line with her 4 year old little boy. He thinks it's cool. His mom hisses to the cashier, "That ILLEGAL."
Me: "Actually..." launches into history of laws in DE and I am So Nice and Helpful she'll probably never speak to another stranger in public again, LOL. Kindness works.

Left Wawa and hit the Home Depot at Suburban Plaza looking for a small shop vac.

Random Dude walks by. (I'm silently counting down...) and he comes back. Snottily: "So when did they change the gun laws in Delaware?"
Me: "Pardon?"
RD: "The gun laws, for that..."
Me: launches into The Talk.
RD: "Well I'm from Maryland..."
Me: I'm sorry to hear that. I moved just far enough out of Maryland to be allowed to carry a gun. /Tries to explain the gun laws
RD Continues not listening or understanding. Mutters something about going to take an online class to get a DE CCDW so he can carry in DE. (After I told him no less than 6 times, it doesn't work like that.)

Whatever, lol. I tried.
 #109950  by Amy Blackthorn
myopicvisionary wrote:WAWA NOT 24/7!?
Dude. That's what I said!

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 #109953  by Owen
Great education work Amy! :applause:

That Wawa reminds me of a Steven Wright joke:
I went down the street to the 24-hour grocery. When I got there, the guy was locking the front door. I said, 'Hey, the sign says you're open 24 hours.' He said, 'Yes, but not in a row.'
-Steven Wright
 #109961  by Amy Blackthorn
/takes a bow

I was actually taken aback that it had gotten away from 24/7. That's the Wawa I'd go to after the bar closed and I was done Bouncing for the night.

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 #110089  by Amy Blackthorn
Was OCing in my Acme and overheard one of the shift leads talking with a female customer. "No, I thought she was a police officer too. Apparently it's called Open Carry and it's legal in Delaware. I didn't know about it either, but she's not doing anything wrong."


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 #110090  by Amy Blackthorn
Was in BJs today doing the monthly stock up. This guy seemed to be doing the same.
Cardboard and Velcro wheel gun holster in his hip (empty). Not even a bulldog. A $10 (likely) shoulder rig with extra ammo pouches. All empty. A Rambo style ammo belt. (Fake).

Wth did I just see? I'm all for OC, bye he wasn't carrying. He was just advertising that he had guns to steal in the car. I don't get it.

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 #110093  by myopicvisionary
I would have had to to ask him....
 #110096  by Amy Blackthorn
myopicvisionary wrote:I would have had to to ask him....
I had enough with random dudes by then.

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 #110097  by NormH3
Interesting that he didn't have the situational awareness that someone close to him was taking his photo.
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