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 #110098  by CorBon
I know that this may sound crazy -- but he may not even own a firearm. Maybe it's just a fashion thing. Years ago I saw a band performing with the lead singer wearing a KA-BAR sheath -- absent the KA-BAR.
 #110100  by NCC
Them crazy kids.

 #110103  by Amy Blackthorn
Went to El Tapatio in Eden Square for lunch with a friend. No one batted an eye at my XD.
Stopped in the Acme on the way home. A few "Norm!" Greetings and no encounters.

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 #110109  by Amy Blackthorn
Yesterday's Acme trip: situational awareness edition.

I noticed a guy following me around. Looking away if he thought I was noticing him. I thought maybe he was puzzled by OC.

A few minutes and a few aisles go by. "If you're waiting for Seafood they're closed for the night."

He shook his head no. I didn't feel threatened so I kept shopping, but went to the other end of the shop to see what would happen. Sure enough, there he was. Then I thought he was getting up the nerve to ask me out for coffee and I prepared my "No Thank You" speech like I was getting ready for the Oscars. Yes, this is a thing women have to do, because dudes have been known to get violent when you decline their offer.

I head to a different aisle and am ready to ask, 'WTF is going on' when he comes up to me.

"I like your tattoo. Are you getting dinner for your kids?"

Then I understood. He was mentally challenged and liked the colors of my tattoo. He was still 6'5, 400 worth of challenged but he went on his way, sweetly.

Crisis averted.

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 #110112  by Owen
So he was checking out a pretty lady with an interesting tattoo? That part is just regular 'guy' behavior. :D

It sounded like he had difficulty with social interactions but you handled it well. :applause:
 #110157  by Amy Blackthorn
Went to dinner at La Tonalteca with my friend MaryKate. No issues.

Ice cream at Marble Slab. No issues there either.

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 #110176  by Amy Blackthorn
Insurance changed since my last eye exam, so I had to get a new eye doctor. After calling around for twenty minutes, I found favorable reviews for KNEISLEY EYE CARE.

Had an appointment on Thursday. Got my eyes examined without the need for dilation (which I hate). Walked out with a pair of contacts, ordered new glasses. Thrilled. Explained that I shoot and am frequently aiming at targets 25 yards away. She made sure my contacts would be suitable.

Not a word was said about my XD. [emoji274]

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