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 #55499  by Dr. Eastwood
Went to ShopRite today for some baby formula, right after the "earthquake". The milk and bread isles were quite decimated. Nobody noticed my sidearm.
 #55993  by Dr. Eastwood
Stopped at Two Stone's Pub (formerly A piece of Ireland) to wish a friend happy birthday. Ordered a coke and sat with them till their meals came. I have never seen so many people's eye's bug out of their heads. No one seemed to have the courage to say anything though, so it was pleasantly uninterrupted. Will have to go back there some time soon, their craft selection of beers is AMAZING.
 #55997  by knohope
+100 on the selection. One of the best around. If you're a fan of the Bloody Mary, they make an absolutely stellar one using vegetable infused vodka. AWESOME!
 #56202  by Dr. Eastwood
Stopped by a friend's house in Wilmington today, right on the backside of St. Francis hospital. Drew some stares but that was it. Then went to the UPS store and ShopRite.
 #56475  by Dr. Eastwood
This is a preemptive log. The wife's going to her Doctor's other office today because that's where she can be seen. Looked at the address and said "hon, this is going to be a family affair, armed." The doctors alternate office is on W. 4th street in the heart of the ghetto. This could be interesting, no matter how hard I pray that it's mundane.
 #56497  by Dr. Eastwood
Interesting day, interesting day. :x

Everyone piled in the car for the trip to Wilmington, when we got there, the Dr.'s lot was full, and we had to go down the street to park and walk up. Unloaded all three kids, chucked two in the stroller and had the oldest hold mom's hand. As we leave the parking lot on foot, a Wilmington police cruiser passes, slows abruptly, and then takes off around the block. Before he could return, we were in the Dr.'s office and getting seen. Walking down the street, I spot the patrol car from earlier sitting in the parking lot. I groaned so audibly that my daughter started asking me "what's wrong" about a million times. Without even acknowledging the patrol car's presence, I precede to load my kids back in the car. As I'm doing this, he creeps slowly out of the lot and takes off. I felt intimidated, even though I had no contact with the officer. I'm surprised he didn't come out and confront me. Obviously someone leashed him or he had bigger fish to fry. Other than that, the rest of the day's errands were uneventful.
 #56627  by Dr. Eastwood
Took the wife over to Omega drive for an ultrasound, then we stopped by the Kirkwood Pharmacy to get my prescription filled. Nary a look, but traffic today was TERRIBLE!
 #63434  by Dr. Eastwood
Ran errands up and down Kirkwood highway earlier today, then stopped at Arby's for lunch. The manager was taking orders, and as soon as I got done mine, he asked me why I was carrying. The same answer, a million times, "for personal defence". Then he probed me with more questions "Do you have to license your gun?", "what classes do you take". "No", "none", and then he said good day, swapped with one of the cashiers, and went to the back without a word. I don't know how that went exactly. I do know their bacon cheddar melts are delicously sinful though.
 #68468  by Dr. Eastwood
Walked the dog today in Old Mill Manor. Got the slow drive by from two NCCPD cruisers, but wasn't stopped. The dog was probably more intimidating than my sidearm.
 #68469  by bluedog46
Dr. Eastwood wrote:Walked the dog today in Old Mill Manor. Got the slow drive by from two NCCPD cruisers, but wasn't stopped. The dog was probably more intimidating than my sidearm.
New dog? What kind of puppy did you get?

I take it getting the husky back was a lost cause?