You may start a topic here for an Open Carry Log -- a place to relay places and any events which may occur.
 #53793  by willyb1972020
Well I think it's time for me to start posting my open carry events to. HAPPY CARRYING :pbjtime: :pbjtime:
 #53933  by jslacker
....So Willy, where ya been? 8-)
 #54193  by willyb1972020
Yesterday (7-16-2011) I went out with the fam. to WAWA got some smokes. Then stoped at Walmart, and then went out to eat at Denny's. There just happin to be 6 under cover cops there. I thought to myself is all of the dunkin donuts closed and great going to get hassled by cops when i have my kids with me. Someone was looking out for me because nothing happend. They staired at me the hole time and a state cop followed us home. So fun fun fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today (7-17-2011) I went to get gas and smokes, For some reason there was a undercover cop driving around the neighborhood. Waved hi like i alwas do and went on my way. When i got back my wife was talking to the cop. When they were done i asked her what was going on. She said the cop called her over and started talking to her about me carrying a gun. And how i am a target and its not safe for me or the kids if there around me. Whell at this point im pissed off. But let it go. We will see were it goes from here.
 #54270  by willyb1972020
Today (7-18-2011) i took a walk around the neighborhood with my dog and had a nice walk. Had some people ask me about the gun. I talked to them and let them know all about open carry and even showed them some papers i care about ocing and the laws. Nice to put more minds at ease. :pbjtime:
 #54393  by willyb1972020
Another nice day out with the fam. the only place I did not carry today was my job interview. Didn't think that would help me. But all in all great day.
 #54510  by willyb1972020
Took my mom with me when i went to the pet store (pet kare rt.40) oced like i alwas do with no looks and nothing said. When we got back to the car I put my glock back on the dash. Theni said now you can tell dad that there was no problem. She said what u mean, I said with me ocing in the store. :pointlaugh: She said i didnt even know you took it in. :D Score 1 for me, mom is more ok with it now. Now all i have to do is drag my dad out for the day.
 #54572  by willyb1972020
Went to Sodbuster's today and had a great time. Cant what to do it agian soon.
I found out I can shoot better under pressure then target shooting. WATCH OUT BAD GUYS AND GALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 #54829  by willyb1972020
Been reading thou DE Firearms Laws, I am so cunfused. The way this stuff is writen I cant figuer much out. As much as i have read so far I cant see how Dover has the right to restricted carrying the way they do. I thought there was somthing stating the counties, and cities could only restrict the discharge of a firearm???????