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 #5159  by Wynder
dave_in_delaware wrote:Come on, man! Keep up w/ your log! ;)

Didn't you OC in the Millsboro Wawa on Saturday? Did anyone notice? Etc....
Ermm... Oh, yeah! What he said! I might've caught a glance, but nothing big. Picked up my carseat that night from Dave and his Better Half. Both of us were OC'ing and I had no issues at all.
 #5472  by Wynder
Hit the Riverfront for the Kid's Riverwalk today -- I concealed simply because of the hip-to-hip crowd that was there, but all in all it was a good time. When we were done, we walked over to the Polish festival and took a quick look-see... nothing big so we headed home.

I decided to stop at the Hot Plate to see what all the hubbub was about -- it was OK... Food was a bit pricey, but Moira had a good time. I OC'd here. When I was done, I went up to the register and saw two uniforms at the other side of the restaurant, I gathered they were DOC from the Women's Detention center up on Boulden Boulevard... The one guy :? at me the whole time I was up there. Nothing was said though.
 #7369  by Wynder
Nov 18th, 2008: OC'd to the Golden Dove for the meeting and all was well -- we were very warmly welcomed and served and there was good company and decent food. (SCRAPPLE).

Thanks again to MustangDave for lending me the Glock and HK for the Criminal Justice Clubs' conference!
 #7370  by dave_in_delaware
wow. you're on a roll now! 1 OC day every 2 months.... :shock: :?
 #8902  by Wynder
Been a while!

In any case, two interesting things of note.

Sunday, Dec 21, 2008: Went to Gamestop in People's Plaza to sell half of my DVD collection. While in line, a group of three teenage boys were gawking over my XD, pointing and admiring it. No one else noticed or seemed to care... In fact, the girl who was helping me (quite attractive, I must add), actually asked if she could buy one of my DVD's outside of the store (for more than the store would've bought it for). So, when we were done, she followed me outside, we exchanged quick pleasantries and I went on about my business.

Monday, Dec 21, 2008: I hit Autozone on Rt 40 to pick up some De-icer windshield wiper fluid. I got up to the cashier who looked at the gun... the conversation went like this.

Him: Whoa, whoa, whoa... What's that now? (genuine interest)
Me: Springfield XD 9mm.
Him: Cool! I just graduated -- a .25 to a .380.
Me: Nice!

We then went on to talk about local ranges... he said he was interested in getting a license, and I gave him some info. All in all, great encounter -- a guy behind me in line even piped up and offered a couple of stories.

Good weekend so far. Looking forward to tonight.
 #8913  by dave_in_delaware
Wynder wrote:... she followed me outside, we exchanged quick pleasantries and I went on about my business.
You know, taken out of context, this proves to be quite interesting! :twisted:

I'm glad you had some good OC experiences. But odds are, you will, since you OC about once every month.... :roll:
 #8917  by Wynder
That's just how often I write about it. :)
 #8920  by cappilot06
You know, my wife reads my open-carry thread too. She asked me out of the clear blue the other day if the girl I referred to at Superfresh as "hot" was really as hot as I said....Gulp :oops:

She was just messing with me, but beware what you write.LOL
 #8922  by dave_in_delaware
Wynder, glad to hear you OC more often than you write about it, because your log entry frequency isn't very good....

:lol: LMAO... you married guys shouldn't be "rating" these girls in the first place. Only your wife can be "hot" now. Otherwise you get into deep trouble. And you know what I mean. :shock:
 #12656  by Wynder
Catching up...

It's been getting warm, so it's OC weather!

Thursday 3/5: Hit California Tortilla on Main Street in Newark this past Thursday and met up with Ken to get some stuff notarized and to enjoy a couple of tacos... Decent food -- not outstanding, but decent. The owner was very gun friendly and chatted us up about how he used to shoot down in Florida and how his dad used to be a police chief... none of the students or other patrons even batted an eye.

Saturday, 3/7: Taught a gun class today, so I started off my day at Dunkin Donuts to pick up some morning sugar for the class. No issues. I trotted over to Wawa on 7/40 to grab a sandwich for lunch... At the register the cashier took my money and say, "Thank you, have a nice gun... Whoa, that was a Freudian slip." I got a chuckle out of it. Class went well, of course. Afterwards, I popped by Hooters to grab some wings to go... I thought I saw one of waitresses look at another and mouth the word "officer"... either that, or they were checking out my butt.

The manager stopped by and asked me who I was with, and I told him I was just a private instructor grabbing some food after a class. He asked where I shot and I told him about DSCP -- he was apparently looking for a club to shoot at (as opposed to a public range).

All in all, good OC days.
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