You may start a topic here for an Open Carry Log -- a place to relay places and any events which may occur.
 #74658  by geewiz
I have been open carrying During my off hours and days as much as possible (while in Delaware). I have not had any reactions other than the odd stare now and then and have become quite comfortable with it.
I am starting the ccdw application process. I have my five references and need to place the ad in the paper. Does anyone know the right paper for the 19977 zip code? Any help would be appreciated.
 #74753  by SR9
If you are on the Kent County side of Smyrna( below Duck Creek), it would be th Delaware State News or the Dover Post. Dover Post is cheaper.
 #74825  by geewiz
Thanks. I am in ncc. The person at the sun times says I have to place the ad in the Middletown office. The cost is thirty dollars, a lot better than the News journal.
 #75442  by geewiz
I went to SBI at the blue hen center for fingerprinting. It was very fast and easy. The staff there were polite and helpful. Then off to Windswept copy center for photos, also fast and easy with good staff. Got in an hour of range time at Shooters Choice ( always fun). My ad will be in this weeks Sun Times and I will pick up my affidavit on Friday. Monday I will file with the Prothonotary in Wilmington. Then the wait begins.
 #76034  by geewiz
I took photog's class for basic pistol and ccdw. It was great. So much good and useful information. I really liked it. On a less joyful note the Sun Times has run my ad twice incorrectly :banghead: and will run it again this week. I am hopeful it will be correct this time. Maybe the News Journal is worth the extra money. I kind of dumbed out and had my fingerprints taken the same week as the ad was supposed to run (the first time) and if it is not right this time I will have to pay to be fingerprinted again as the 30 days will have passed. Oh well its only money, right?
 #76038  by photog
Thank you for attending Sir and I'm glad you enjoyed it... It was my pleasure!!

Have a great day!!!
photog 8-)